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#pauseforpaws - Netccentric CSR Activity at PAWS


Nuffnang did.

Okay let me provide some backstory to this before you think this is a virus or a scam post. Last thursday, some of us from Nuffnang went out beramai-ramai to volunteer our services to PAWS in Subang.

When we reached the location, it took us some time to locate the entrance. But what we did was walked towards the excited barks of the doggies inside and found the place to enter.

Once we entered, we were in a bit of a shock as we did not expect to see so many dogs. Well, you may say “Abuden?! Animal shelter leh!”, but there were easily close to a hundred dogs (not counting cats and rabbits) all in that enclosed area. Hats off to PAWS for building the shelter in such a way to accommodate so many dogs, while still allowing them to have the space to run about!

It looks like a whole Doggie Village here with different kelompoks..

The agenda for us for the day are as below:

1. Feed the dogs
2. Clean up their dishes after they finish
3. Clean up the shelters after they have their post-meal excretion (basically pooping and peeing)
4. Bring the dogs out for a short walk (therefore, who let the dogs out?)

When we were asked to fed the dogs, we imagined feeding them by putting out their bowls for them. But the task becomes much more exhilarating when we have to walked into the large open space holding about 30 hungry and overly excited dogs. While holding a whole stack of bowls filled with yummy dog food (not that we tried them, we just assume based on their enthusiasm), they will jump all over you and welcome you with open paws.

Wah wah wah, @jasonlcn husband material worrr….

Washing up after doggies plates! ;)

Next would be cleaning up the poop and pee of the dogs after their meal. This was one of the most sacrificial challenge. And I’d have to say, for those who helped out with this task, well heaven has a special place for you.

Team @piyinzzz and @meagresa who look super enthusiastic with their poses. 🙆🏻

Team @loweehahn and @pennywongpy19. As you can see, the dogs are very proud of the massive package they dropped as they watched these two hoomans clean up after them.

Team @joycecsi and @ryanqhung taking their cleaning job as seriously as how they prepare their sales proposals. :p

Unfortunately, it was drizzling when we were there, so in between we had to bum around while waiting for the rain to stop.

It's okay, @khai26 gets to take some time to think about his life.. 😝

On the other hand, the dogs really enjoyed the rainy weather. To the extend where toys are not as tempting as a good ol’ afternoon nap.

This is just me getting very excited to be able to bring Daisy (whom I named) out for a walk.

As much as we would expect dogs to be excited to go out for a walk, this little chubby fella had a mind of her own, and decided she prefers a belly rub from @misokuan.

All in all, it was a great way to spend an afternoon helping out at PAWS. @jasonlcn @joycecsi @pennywongpy19 @khai26 @shanelloves @meagresa @piyinzzz @emilygohyien @Meiyan_1998 @misokuan @loweehahn

Thank you to our HR @khairil26 and @pennywongpy19, as well as our intern @Meiyan_1998 for organizing this activity.

As much as it is fun to play with these animals, we have to face the reality of it all that these dogs are homeless and are looking for a loving home to adopt them.

Just like humans, all dogs, pedigree or non pedigree, they are made equal and are all in need of a caring home. So if you are looking for a pet, a dog, cat or even rabbit, do drop by PAWS and adopt a new pet home.

Also, a reminder, having a pet is a 15-20 years commitment. Hence, do think carefully before bringing a pet into your home. They are live beings whom do not deserve to be chucked away once you get bored of them.

To find out more about them, please visit:


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