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Netccentric Out Of Office - #MichaelSays

Ever since the very mysterious email from our #NetccentricHR about a SURRRPRISE joint activity happening, we have been pretty curious and excited about this out of office activity. Not to mention, it also means a day of being away from work, emails and even the office.

After hustling through our first quarter, it feels great to have a day off together with the entire team.

We were told to meet up at Pusat Kanak-Kanak Kreatif on Thursday morning. We were wondering, if we were going to play with kids, or we were going to be the actual kids? Hmmmmmm.

A few days before the activity, there were rumors and speculations about the activity being an acting class by our very own superstar actor @michaelcsm. Interesting……

Tadaaaa! And sure it was!
So we had an entire day of acting training session with @michaelcsm! Thus the activity, #MichaelSays. πŸ˜‰

With everyone barefooted in a studio and following whatever #Michaelsays throughout the whole day, it somehow felt like a school camp. Guess being in a Pusat Kanak-kanak did transport us back to our schooling days….

Here is what went down that day:

In the morning session, he shared with us a few activities that helped us to be more in touch with our own bodies as tools and instruments. We learned how to breath properly (all the way from our diaphragms).

Honestly, most of us have been breathing wrong all our lives.. Can you imagine that?

Other than being more conscious about your breathing and stance, we also played many games that is meant to train our focus. They seemed like simple tasks, but add in a few distractions into the mix, we were all a confused bunch of kanak-kanak, not being able to count or follow correct instructions as #michaelsays.

See their dazed looks as @michaelcsm continues to share his kungfu with us......

“1, 121, 12321, 1234321, 123454321, 12345654321, 1234567654321, 123456787654321. 8, 878, 87678, 8765678, 87654578, 87654345678, 8765432345678, 876543212345678”

(the chant that will haunt us in our sleep in the days to come!)

Then as usual, around 1pm, we were all flooding out the studio to get our tummies filled. After all, fooood is always needed to recharge, right?

So many of us we could not even fit into one stretch of tables...

Makan time a.k.a phone time! No choice, all working in a social media driven company after all.. 😝

After lunch, we were in for round 2 of our training session. This time, with a lot more activities that requires our creativity and spontaneity.

We had impromptu activities where we fight over a chair, took on different roles to make sure we were in different roles of Alpha, Beta and Pawn (High, Medium, Low positions) and create spontaneous scenes with each other to complete the task.

Oh and in this scene, @ezraaaa was being a very, lets just say metrosexual hairstylist here..... πŸ˜‚

It takes a lot of cooperation and compromise, and most importantly awareness of the situation and the people around you to succeed.

It was pretty hilarious seeing our colleagues come up with ridiculous and yet creative storylines that they have to create on the spot.

Why @ninakamar and @simsim bully our pregger @joycecsi? 😱

Here is our sifu @michaelcsm
giving pointers and feedback.. But somehow @joycesi seems to be the boss here.. πŸ™Š

Guess our future mummy is indeed getting prep for dealing with naughty baby 😝

Our last activity before ended the session was the highlight of the entire day. We were put into groups and had to prepare a play with a plot, that starts out with a scene, a problem and ending it with a resolvement.

Oh and the greatest challenge, we were not allowed to use dialogue to convey our message. Instead, we can substitute our words with nursery rhymes.

Jeng jeng jeng!

Everyone showed off their secret talents for acting.. Maybe our Netccentric team can create our own theatre show sometime soon…….. :p

Can we take a moment to appreciate this moment, where our Country Manager, @kausern being bullied by his four ladies? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Not everyday you get to bully your boss without getting a warning letter.... 😝

Whether we do become actors or not, we definitely learned skills that will be useful to us, in our confidence, the way we present ourselves, teamwork with each other, communication skills and many other valuable skills that will stick with us throughout. ☺️

Mandatory group shot!

Thank you, @michaelcsm for this great session, and also to our awesome #NetccentricHR team, @khai26 @pennywongpy19 and our beloved intern @tbernice for arranging this for us.. What did we do to deserve you guys?! 😍 So much loveeee!

It was a great change of scene and a chance to bond with everyone outside the office. We are definitely looking forward to the next one!

Yours Socially,

Day 102

Wednesday, 12 Apr 2017

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whatisaiahsaw mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaa

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michaelcsm (avatar)

michaelcsm Hahaha. Everyone damn farnee. Will turn the whole office into theatre geeks one day.

1 year ago

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joycecsi πŸ˜‚

1 year ago

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