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fools on parade

March 2019

following my heart never did me wrong. the heart knows best.

February 2019

contentment comes from within! what I want to work on:1. Facing my fears - going well so far in this sem, much more to go2. Learning how to be genuinely content!! And not mistaking it for complacency

Today was tough. This week was tough.

Today I felt the fire I felt back in y1!! And I finally found meaning which I have been searching for since the start of the sem... to justify my many commitment decisions. So privileged to be given the chances to do what I love and what fuels me as a person. thank you KR for this platform. and for people who see me as an individual and who bother to get to know me beyond my unapproachable looking self. 9.30am - 1am long day which drove me almost delirious but I’m thankful today.

January 2019

We all make the same quiet journeys.

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Haven’t been in the headspace to reflect about 2018.. and have been a lot less willing to share my thoughts on public spaces now. On a 36 min train ride so let me try to pen some thoughts down.

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