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my rant space.

May 2019

Someday I will truly get over this. I will get over the fact that I did nothing yet I have to bear the cost and troubles that someone else has done to me. Truth me told I think the emotional burden from this is so much worse than having to pay RM300 for someone else’s mistake. I want to just get over this. I’m so mentally tired. 🙄

March 2019

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Been feeling “sad but I don’t know why” a lot lately. I’m thinking it’s most probably from the underlying stress from work. Work is never-ending. When you’re halfway through a chapter, a new one gets slammed in your face. And it’s so difficult when you need approvals from A - Z for just one thing and everyone has differing opinions and you just go back and forth with the changes and boom it’s a couple of months and you still haven’t finalised your material.

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