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February 2019

Just saw a post on FB, where AVA contacted a lady to get her dog's DNA because he was suspected to have been used for breeding...Clearly, she was like what??? And then realized that while the dog was boarded at a boarding home, he could have been moved to a farm for a while to breed and then brought back...To those behind it, YOU SCUM!!!!! People trusted you with their furbabies and paid you to take care of them!!! Not to use them in some illegal venture!!!Hope AVA catches them for real!!!

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Deciding if its worth the potential insomnia I'd get imagining zombies overtaking SG.The reviews seem pretty good and the story has many layers and parallels! Though looking at the production team, I'm not surprised...Maybe I'll marathon it over CNY 😅

January 2019

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Dinner at Amber Ember yesterday! Szechuan fries with a really yummy dip.Along with my hand and notes. My ugly scribbly writing actually looks pretty when its blurred out like this 😂

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Anyway last night I was stalking instiz and I saw a post about a fandom boycotting JYPe and it was written by Mydays???The one who wrote the post on pann said:- They have too many concerts, overworked. Affecting their singing. Hand injuries.- Selling merch like an idol group but only getting promoted like an indie band.

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O.M.G this performance is so good? It showed up on my youtube recommendations and I was like ??? Jimin on a show? Gotta watch!!! And was totally blown away omg...This show (Vocal Play) showcases acapella groups, helped by top producers (Sweet Sorrow, Yoon Il Sang / 10cm, Yoon Sang and Muzie).But it airs on some really obscure channel!!! I can't even find a torrent for this show, let alone subtitles.....

God's Quiz: Reboot Episode 16 (Final)

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