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Baby Full Month cake gifts / Tingkat Trial

Sweetest Moments or Choz or Lulu?

Surfing the websites while pumping, checking out cake gifts to pass to colleagues who have showered baby with angpows for his full month celebration ♡

The above three sites are halal certified and the prices are reasonable for the selection they offer.

Any recommendation, #dayremummies? 😁

Aigooo.. so cute. 11sgd for 9 items and comes with a message card that's customisable heh

Shopping for cny clothes be like...

Can I fit into size M?
My arms so flab now.
No tight dresses or cheongsam cos mom tum.

Romper but cut in at the waist seemed a bit risky

#lovebonito dress
Caught this dress on the racks while browsing at Jem's LB store and the hubs said 👍 which is a rarity. Did a poll on ig and results are halved at the moment lol

Shall find time to head out for shopping this week!

New toy! Warms up milk bottle in minutes 😍 and less than $25 including shipping. Good buy!

Tingkat Day 1

Ordered a 10 day trial for around 150sgd, let's see how it goes!

From #bestcatering 😄 Thumbs up! Just that we felt the serving for vegetables is on the smaller side cos hubs and I are veggie lovers.

Decided on #tingkat catering though the hubs insists on cooking a simple dinner after work cos I'd rather him rest and spend time with baby instead. He takes the 5am baby duties before heading to work, so early sleep is important for him!

Finally received this from #taobao and I must say it's working well so far! :)

【婴儿枕头0-1岁头型矫正透气新生儿纠正偏头枕头宝宝防偏头定型枕】 点击链接,再选择浏览器咑閞;或復·åˆ¶è¿™æ®µæè¿°ï¿¥mtUSbJCIUkH¥后到👉淘♂寳♀👈

Day 14

Monday, 14 Jan 2019

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beckybexbex (avatar)

beckybexbex Babe, u will need to pump milk right? I suggest u find something more pumping friendly

1 month ago

noiahnoi (avatar)

noiahnoi @beckybexbex ah yes yes silly me didn't think of that lol

1 month ago

angelinee (avatar)

angelinee I tried lulu and sweetest moment before. Personally I prefer lulu!

1 month ago

iamnotxl (avatar)

iamnotxl I orders lulu's for my baby's full month and my guests enjoyed it!

Regarding the pillow for flat head, possible to share how it improved your baby's head? My baby is currently 10weeks old and 1 side of his head is flatter cause he keeps sleeping on that side. I tried shifting him but now that he is older, he will resist and always turn back to his preferred side. His head always tilt to 1 side too😔

1 month ago

noiahnoi (avatar)

noiahnoi @angelinee thanks for sharing 😄😄

1 month ago

noiahnoi (avatar)

noiahnoi @iamnotxl my baby v stubborn, even with persistent tries to keep him to one side, he'll turn or fuss about it. This pillow for some reason makes him look "straight" and I'm guessing it's also not uncomfortable for him cos he hasn't fussed (so far). I just started on it only so haven't really managed to see any significant progress but the fact that he doesn't fuss is a good start to me :D

I'd spent some time scouring through tb and this seemed to be highly raved. Hope this helps:)

1 month ago

iamnotxl (avatar)

iamnotxl Ahh okies. Thanks for sharing the link! I'll check it out😊

1 month ago

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