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Up so early cos we're out for hubs navy family day!

Our first so I'm v excited lol

My world ♡

Guess who STTN (again)?

Yes me.
Eight hours.

疼死我了 😫

But Baby T finally STTN!! For the first time lol.

Slept at 12mn (He got startled cos the swaddle broke loose and it took us some coaxing to make him sleep back).

Whined a little at 4ish am (his usual motn feed timing) but I gave him pacifier thinking to just steal a few more minutes of sleep. The next thing I knew, my phone says 6.30am. Pacifier again..

"Dear when's his last feed?"
"Eh before 11pm?"
"Huh now 7.30am liao. "


Achievement unlocked!

Survived a movie session and now ktv sesh with baby 😍😍😍

Just like dating days.. especially during pregnancy period. We went either movie or K every other weekend. Thank you hubs for this ♡

Reading through the check list for baby's milestones and chatting with a fellow mommy friend.. made me realise I've been rather lazy in helping with his development.

Things to work on..
- tummy time (to increase frequency and duration)
- read book to baby
- let baby grasp toys (rattle)

Shall start from Monday onwards!

Day 47

Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

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