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θ‡ͺη„Άι†’ and I saw my Baby Tracker app - last pump was 5h plus ago no wonder feeling top heavy πŸ˜…

Faster sneaked out to get pump parts and here I am fulfilling mom duties while praying hard that Baby doesn't get stirred cos it's almost time for his feed.

Eloda Floral Midi Dress

From Love Bonito.

First buy for the day, in fact my first dress bought post partum! Lol. Still in zzz mode about the up in size, my mom had to keep reminding it's been only seven weeks post partum and I should be thankful that I could still fit in most pre-pregnancy dresses. But shorts wise.. Still cannot πŸ˜…


From Love & Bravery. One of my to go stores for clothes - love the cutting, a very lazy dress. Just slip and go kind.

Call it mother's instinct. Baby ηœŸηš„ woke up right after I cleared for 10 minutes. Still feeling heavy πŸ˜…

Baby suddenly super active now so guess who's up to play with baby? Yes even hubs is awake lol

Out and about since 10am this morning for review with gynae. He jokingly asked when's the next one and we replied ι‘Ίε…Άθ‡ͺη„Ά πŸ€£πŸ˜… He commented my weight loss looks good - 10kg lost, 8 more to go for pre pregnancy weight (58kg).

"For your height, you should maintain at 60 to 62kg. 58kg is on the skinnier side."

And everyone said the same thing - daddy looks v zai and hands on with baby. πŸ˜„ lol

Baby turns 8 week old today! Time really flies when you have a kiddo and your life basically revolves around them.

And this mama here hasn't pumped for seven hours. Brought all the parts and cooler bag out. Set up station at Paragon nursing room only to realise I didn't bring the tubing. Came back home and then realized I forgot to pack the valves as well. Lol 辛苦 the hubs who lugged the bag around town for seven hours plus.

Day 16

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

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