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Hokkien Prawn Noodles (homecooked)

SUNDAYWe had another one of those random moments when we were on train back to my parents' place..Hubs: Shall we cook tonight? Hmm hokkien mee?Me: Omo same thoughts cos I was scrolling through this dayre post about hokkien mee πŸ˜‚And so, we jio mom and sis last minute to join us for dinner 😳

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Fail proof breakfast πŸ˜‹

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Yoshinoya Beef Bowl (homecooked) 😍

Nomnomnoms.Home cooked Yoshinoya Beef Bowl!Recipe adapted from 😁Things to note:1. We replaced the dashi with beef stock2. To reduce the amount of sugar for the next round cos we thought it's a tad too sweet for our palette#dayrecooks

August 2018

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PWS Location

This is a long shot.. but any recommendation for a two hour casual photoshoot venue? 😁#dayrebridesThe photographer recommended late afternoon timing for the shoot!

July 2018

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Trying to diy everything and here's the invite card that got the approval stamp from both parents:)Pending items:VideoPhoto albumGownThe most headache gotta be the gown cos finding something that's flattering proves to be tough so far 😢

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