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November 2018

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Baby is engaged. Deeply engaged.

October 2018

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Mount Elizabeth Orchard Maternity Tour 🤰❤

Went for the maternity tour last week and thought I'd better document it down for sharing before the pregnancy brain forgets the details!

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Halfway through week 34!Today marks the first time being away from the hubs cos he had to work. So here I am..back at 娘家. Bump is looking a little small compared to most mommies to be so I'm really hoping baby's weight will go up the next scan we have.Just a few more weeks to go and I'm definitely feeling the jitters!"Am I ready to be a mom?"That's when I realised, good support system really matters. ♡#dayrepregnancy

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Gonna load up on more proteins cos turned out that baby is on smaller side 😔1.8kg at 33weeksNothing too bad for a concern but doc said good to eat more A tinge of guilt cos I tried to cut down on junk food for fear of putting on more weight (14kg now) and that probably explains baby growth slowing down..#dayrepregnancy

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Pending essential things to buy!

Finally collected some baby shopping loots (from the last baby fair) yesterday! That checked a few more things off the list,- bath tub- mattress - baby carrier

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