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time: 5.50am • Rain
fed the baby cos fussed.
didn’t really sleep through the night, cos i think due to the decrease in milk intake. she only had 60ml in some feed.
pooping more often
probably due to the rotavirus dosage.

her last fed: 1am

must have jinx the sttn!

my itchy fingers and eyes

had me trying to get hold of this item

after seeing it only on #chanel apps

i gotten a personal shopper for this item.

which explains the CNY packaging aka camellia
i love how the red camellia pops on the black box!

anyway, back to the story of this item.

i have been wanting to add a coloured item to my chanel collection.

and this item caught my eye while surfing the chanel app.
i quickly msg my SA if sg carries this item, sadly nope, this item is not on the shores.

so i could only salivate over the mobile screen.
i decide to chuck my lust at the back of my mind. but it just to have me keep thinking of it.

so the item has been sitting on my mind.
decided to ask some Personal Shopper for help and their pricing.

some of the personal shopper pricing really puts me off.
the mark up is sky high and i know i do have to pay premium for this item, just that i need to be comfy with it.

gotten a few pricing for the item but none of them spark joy?!

then i decided to ask @mintyvintage on her recommendations on personal shopper (PS) experience.

she pass me a contact and told me how the personal shopping works.
really kudos to you for helping me @/mintyvintage

i got quoted a price but item was out of stock.
the pricing was more reasonable so i gotten PS helped me source for my list item.
if there’s still no stock, i’ll just give up and wait for another Spark Joy item.

within a few days, the PS managed to source the said Spark Joy item for me!

and the rest are history.
paid and can’t wait to get the items.
as it was slightly before CNY, the item can only be posted after CNY. and i receive the item in just within 2 days!


here’s my unboxing.
i think you would have guessed what’s the item before i unbox!

for those who read my post, will know that i’ve added this card holder to my list.
thought SG will carry it, but nope, it didn’t happen

no gabrielle bag, so a gabrielle cardholder in the nicest shade of pink/blush!
nothing much abt it, it comes with 4 card slots.

now i can’t bear to use it!!!
cos i scared the edges will dirty!
should i conditioned it and spray the water resistance to it?

i will try to use it and give my review!

and another photo to commemorate this moment

bringing this smiley baby out to hubz colleague house for dinner.
very impromptu but really happy to know that she is happy to be going out too!

finally home and wiped down babyV!

waiting for her to self soothe to sleep and i’ll go bathe too!

Day 49

Monday, 18 Feb 2019

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weihua (avatar)

weihua hello do you mind sharing the PS contact? :)

1 month ago

Mumto3Js (avatar)

Mumto3Js @nite_stars Soooo pretty the cardholder! 😍😍

1 month ago

nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars @weihua hello! do u mind dropping me a dm on ig? same handle. ◡̈

1 month ago

lynnieroll (avatar)

lynnieroll Wow this also spark joy in me leh... alamak

1 month ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe omg I'm not a Chanel fan but even that camellia sparks joy in me!!! the dual tone is too pretty!!

1 month ago

Bianbianmeow (avatar)

Bianbianmeow This pink blush so chio!!!

1 month ago

saltvinegar (avatar)

saltvinegar Do let us know if the conditioning and waterproofing works because I’m so bad at even taking care of black leather items!

1 month ago

shanzzoncloud9 (avatar)

shanzzoncloud9 Yeah! We are gabrielle pink cardholder twins! 👯

1 month ago

lilachoney (avatar)

lilachoney Hihi can you share the personal shopper Contact to me too? Thanks!

1 month ago

karen_loves_u (avatar)

karen_loves_u Aiyoooooo V so happy!!!

1 month ago

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