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done with milk feeding.
she was fussing so much when the hubz was feeding her until i woke up and feel so awake!

i think babyV must’ve learnt how to catch attention now.
cos she now knows how to fake cough and hoping for someone to attend to her.


woke up to a sleeping baby.
please sleep in more cos i just wanna nua around yo.

and waking up to sore back n shoulder blade, i love this feeling of soreness cos it means my muscle are less tense & masseur did a good job.

babyV is awake at 9.45am!
which means she clocked 12h of sleep with a milk session in between.

probably not a very good sleep for her, cos she has been stretching a lot in her sleep.
perhaps that’s the reason why she clocked in more sleep hours.

babyV sometimes really understand what i’m talking to her.

i told her i needed some time to poop, she will self entertain wherever she is at.
of cos i won’t take my own sweet time, i clear whatever i needed to clear.

i told her i need to shower, she, too, will self entertain by selfieing or nomming her fingers.

each morning, i’ll place her on their rocking chair while washing her bottles ๐Ÿผ
(thanks @charmmy3030 babyV has been utilising it a lot!)
she will sit, and play with her ๅฅดๅฉข bunny ๐Ÿฐ

just finished washing and hanging the baby bed linens!

running errands today!
gonna go to the post office to pick up mail.
and then to lunch and doing for work related stuff.

hopefully can finish all.

this girl here loves to ็ฟ˜่„š
she is, if not most of the time, will cross her feet one.

i also never teach her leh!
during pregnancy, i also never cross leg, cos how to cross with the bump in the way? ๐Ÿคจ
dunno learn from who.

in an oversized onesie, so much cloth until her diapers is always exposed be it left right up or down.

finally back home after errands running.
this little baby know how to look for me whenever she is tired and wanna be inside the baby carrier!
the moment i place her in the carrier, she will adjust her head and close her eyes!

baked salmon for dinner tonight.
i love eating home baked salmon cos i can marinate it the way i like!


baby spinach, so expensive for a basket of it, but wilted till so little after cooking!

i love spinach be in the western or the chinese type!

i need iron! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

i managed to get this item from
a reseller!

there’s such a long story behind this #karllagerfeld iphone casing!!!

first farfetch order came wrongly!

i was sent iphone 7/8 cover instead of iphoneX

so i quickly emailed back their #farfetch customer service.

within 24h, i gotten their reply.
they will give me a free shipping code on my next purchase.

i used my mobile apps to add the iphoneX casing to cart.

cos of mummy’s duty, i left it as it is.
suddenly remembered and decide to cart out with @/whitechoco

i print screen of the items ordered and Nad pointed out my wrong order?!

what the???!!!!!
is it my mummy brain or what?!

sigh! in the end, i emailed back to the CS to cancel the order, but! no one replied after that.

i’m damn angry with myself.

i then have to reorder myself.

Day 72

Wednesday, 13 Mar 2019

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sabrinaseah (avatar)

sabrinaseah Haha.. babyV so cute ๐Ÿ˜

1 month ago

whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco Oops! Is the order shipped? But luckily u got one in the end! Hehe

1 month ago

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