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updated 3 weeks ago

15th week

ysl bill pouch

is so gorgeous

seemed like it’s oos in sg!

as the name suggest, it’s a bill pouch, so notes should be able to be slot in without folding

chevron leather
to die for!

i’m so going to check it out in the local boutique.

current clock time: 4.01am

baby fussing, gave her pacifier and she snoozed back.
last fed: 12.50am
actually it’s time to feed, but if i can drag, i’ll drag. haha!!
but not till the extend of on milk strike. 🙅🏻‍♀️

oh! it’s thursday again!
so this little one is 15 weeks young!

it is just how fast time passes when i’ve got this baby!
unknowingly, 15 weeks have gone pass and some baby has upgraded from newborn to infant.

some pjs are too small for her already, mittens and booties are getting smaller or can’t even wear already.

baby, please grow slower.
mummy just wanna enjoy this golden babyhood with you.

time check: 4.26am

baby is still sleeping, i better go to bed too.
she might wake up, it’s such a dilemma

fussing stopped.
murphy law, probably.
lights off, just when i’m abt to snooze, baby wakes up?

just ended babyV milk session

✅ diapers changed
✅ baby fed

waiting for her to self soothe.

babyV is still asleep although she is making some noise but she is not awake yet. ◡̈

good morning ☀️

i’m slept in today, woke up at 9.30am

👧🏻 mummy, how can u disturb me while i’m selfie-ing 🤳🏻

this baby very busy carrying 3 cards.
cos mummy says 15weeks liao mush ownself hold cards.

mil called and said she wanna come over tmr.
but i really just want to go over weekly for lunch/dinner that’s all.
enough of calling me weekly and saying she want to come over.

i can’t be pushing each time i know
but can she just get the obvious hint already?
i also already mentioned that we go over weekly for meal can liao.

babyV is back to her normal self today!

taking endless selfie 🤳🏻
grinning, smiling
kicking and grabbing
and most important, no milk strike.

Day 52

Thursday, 21 Feb 2019

30 13
karen_loves_u (avatar)

karen_loves_u Eh black one very chio. Ok, actually all also chio. 😍

4 weeks ago

nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars @karen_loves_u orh lulu girl like orh lulu item. matchy matchy! 🖤

4 weeks ago

karen_loves_u (avatar)

karen_loves_u Yasssssss how much? Lol today go see? HAHAHAHAHA *tempting tempting u again*

4 weeks ago

noiahnoi (avatar)

noiahnoi The bill pouch very nice 😍 bbb!

4 weeks ago

nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars @karen_loves_u hahah i know right. or u help me go see?

4 weeks ago

nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars @noiahnoi wah, another vote. so must go see liao!!

4 weeks ago

thornsonroses (avatar)

thornsonroses tsk what you doing at this hour

4 weeks ago

thornsonroses (avatar)

thornsonroses BLACK 🖤

4 weeks ago

thornsonroses (avatar)

thornsonroses finally sth you eye on from ysl

4 weeks ago

karen_loves_u (avatar)

karen_loves_u LOL DONT POISON ME U. I go see with you, you comeeeee

4 weeks ago

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