Valene L. (avatar)
updated 4 weeks ago


recently, my tired hormones are in rage.
every night, i’ll want to concuss by 12am.

where’s “my night is still young” philosophy?
i can doze off by watching youtube and my hubz is amazed at the speed that i fall asleep.

before giving birth, i will usually dozed off in 5min time
now, i dozed off within 5sec.

the feeling of waking up to a sleeping baby is the best feeling ever.

then some baby woke up happy


and that bobbles of saliva.

and selfie again.

how true. lol!

woah, the first time i see salmon dispenser leh!

what’s up with me recently.
my energy level is really very low.

i get giddy spells
i can doze off anywhere
my attention level is sky low!

i’m off to a customer meeting for discussion on #dayrehomes #dayrehome

wish me luck

i need to be home by 9pm to our baby to sleep!
i can’t afford to mix her routine up!!

🐷饱饱 spotted!

strike 3digit for my toto
ok, recoup my bets!

Day 53

Friday, 22 Feb 2019

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karen_loves_u (avatar)

karen_loves_u Selfie queen!

1 month ago

lynnieroll (avatar)

lynnieroll Woah the salmon atm you dare to buy?

4 weeks ago

ijustwantmysanity (avatar)

ijustwantmysanity But where issit?

4 weeks ago

nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars @karen_loves_u confirm win me one!

4 weeks ago

nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars @lynnieroll dare not buy!!! :(

4 weeks ago

nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars @ijustwantmysanity sembawang shopping ctr

4 weeks ago

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