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updated 1 month ago

V’s Down


7early8early on the way to the doctor
cos valda is coughing and to play safe, it’s better to go to the doc.

all thanks to the november mummies group for sharing the doctor details previously.
now i on the way to the doctor.

let’s just keep 🤞🏻
that all will be fine.

my first experience with a sick baby.
valda is still very smiley; but slightly more tired than before.


the said children clinic that i went.
reached at 8.50am, we are already in Q6

so lucky that the clinic is open on weekends!

doc did a check

all is fine.
everything is cleared.
no stuffy lungs, breathing is good.
no fever.

maybe it’s just some stuffed mucus that is affecting the nostrils.

given some drops to clear her nostrils
and shall monitor.

after settling the baby, i’m out for appointment in the east.

brought baby out too cos she is currently very attached to me.
probably cos she isn’t feeling well.

she is still as normal, playing around, smiling always.
but when the fuss comes, it’s slightly more fussy than usual, esp during feed time.

this, too, shall pass.

i will be stronger after this! 😙


an unglam photo of her.
even though she ain’t feeling the best, she is still very smiley and smile to everyone who play with her!

good job baby!

Day 76

Sunday, 17 Mar 2019

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Pearberry (avatar)

Pearberry get well soon, baby V! jiayou mummy V 💪

1 month ago

karen_loves_u (avatar)

karen_loves_u Get well soon 娘娘!🌻

1 month ago

msbelle (avatar)

msbelle May I know who’s the doctor and what is he or she good at that you all are sharing? Thanks! :)

1 month ago

ijustwantmysanity (avatar)

ijustwantmysanity Get well soon, baby

1 month ago

dancing_faith (avatar)

dancing_faith Hope Valda gws!

1 month ago

luvwhj (avatar)

luvwhj Gws babyV!!

1 month ago

tianl (avatar)

tianl Gws baby V!!!

1 month ago

noiahnoi (avatar)

noiahnoi get well soon baby V!!

1 month ago

thornsonroses (avatar)

thornsonroses GWS Valda :)

1 month ago

beckybexbex (avatar)

beckybexbex Get well soon baby V!

1 month ago

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