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updated 1 month ago

babyV turned 18 weeks today!

as i was putting her to bed last night, i realised how tall she has grow
it’s like a sudden growth spurt or maybe i hadn’t realise her growth?

the older she got, the more playful she is.
faking cough to get our attention.
smiling so much more
very interactive

time check: 7am
just fed a super hungry baby 🤓


from 9.30pm to 6.45am
allowing me to clock 7h of sleep, thank you baby!

hi, everyone!!

i woke up at 9.45am looking like this!

done with most of the to-do list today.
the weather is a killer.
so sweaty omg.

the little one decides to cat nap today!
all 30-40m naps only.

can someone teach me how to increase her nap timing please?!

babyV just cried in her sleep!
this is the first time she did that.

is it she’s not feeling well or she is overstimulated?

or is it she got woken up by her cough?
she has been coughing a little here and there today.
hopefully there’s nothing to worry, else, i’ll be super worried.


Day 73

Thursday, 14 Mar 2019

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beckybexbex (avatar)

beckybexbex Maybe it's because of her cat naps she can STTN.

1 month ago

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