Valene L. (avatar)
updated 1 month ago

morning. up pumping.

knocked out since 11pm last night until now.

ok, not exactly.
cos got motn feed
but hubz took over the 4am feed while i snooze away.

ok, maybe my period will be back anytime soon.
cos i’m not discipline in 🤱🏻

hao, my goal is to let babyV sleep through the night.

ill try.
that’s provided baby willing to cooperate by taking in more milk at the last feed before her bed.

she has quite a character of her own.
very strong willed.

u should see her when she struggles to avoid the milk.

breakfast after washing bottles and pump parts

baby laundry done.
now left with hanging them up!

finally some time for breakfast while the baby sits in the rocker.
5m baby, i just need 5min

go go baby!

fell asleep after her shower and milk!

doing pedi cos my chicken claws are so long!!

secret hideout

Day 17

Thursday, 17 Jan 2019

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tianl (avatar)

tianl Hais!! My bb also dun wanna drink more milk for his last feed before sleep 😵

1 month ago

dancing_faith (avatar)

dancing_faith Haiya mine also @tianl ! Day time same she only increase when she wants one dunno how to train man..

1 month ago

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