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He literally carried me everywhere until we got home, because I couldn’t put any weight on my foot and it hurt even when I was hopping one-legged. He’s more worried for me than me, which is very characteristic of both of us. Anyway, I need to be less quick to anger. How do I respond to my emotions better? I supposed it’s like honing a new skill; you do it slowly and consistently over a long period of time until you’ve mastered it. I am an instant gratification junkie and this will be tough.

I sprained my foot today. It hurt so badly, I cried while the attendant at the trampoline park was bandaging it.My pain threshold is really abysmal and I cannot, I REFUSE to live with any form of discomfort.If I was in a war or an apocalypse, I’d die immediately. I cried again when Jimmy was carrying me, but not out of pain. I cried because I was afraid we’d both fall over.

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