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January 2019

and we are back with another #shitrycolesays, i stayed over last night and had a dream that @rai_yearn and i broke upso i do what any girlfriend would do and woke him up, i didn't cry but i was really sad "i dreamt we broke up, and then i was really sad. then i wanted to buy nasi padang but they ran out, so i was sad again" "which one made you sadder" "i don't know 😢"

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well hello friends, it's been a ~hot minute~ since i've written. i hope y'all have been swell ♡

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you ever just really really dislike someone but you still have to be civil???

i still don't rly like you, but i have to see you when i visit the bf lol

anyone knows of PT jobs around 🤙🏻

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some snippets from bali that i edited 🥰 thanks bb @rai_yearn for making the grad trip happen

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