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updated 1 month ago

NICK’s an office adult .... 4 more weeks FKIN COUNTDOWN IM SO DAMN TIRED

Looking through my dayre and wowewwwEww memories I love this space thank u pals for sticking around

LOL BACK TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!! last week Wah rly a killer sleep at 3 wake at 7 LMAO and saw this sign board wow hk noodles!

I take photo like this saying my

Wah damn dark!!!! Last Monday Wah we stayed in office till 9 ok la not v late late per se but look how empty the office is LMAO

But not a competition hor just wna comment that got no aircon so damn hard to breathe and the windows cannot open one good job OT still got free sauna clap clap

!!!!! Thx for accompanying me !!!!

Went to get koi and waited for mama who waited for me lmao she said let me send out one more email sobs cannot send tmr meh JK HAHA

Then went to grab Haagen Dazs HAHAHAHAHAHA for sister v aka meizers

LOL what’s in my bag haul

N tots cooked cheese tofu for me cuz I said I coming home eat :-( I miss u tots

Cutting the Carl’s jr momma bought HAHAHAHAHA so can share w tots hehe

not as sedaps as the mushroom burger but oK haheeeeheh

And wtf us 2 years ago my
Hair so toot and wtf I stick out like a sore thumb CIAOZ RAG!!!

omg sorry :-( was so hectic I really wanted to update more and get live wasn’t the best of days rly a lot of ~ friendship ~ issues lmao I rly have no time or energy to deal

hahahahaha so at the central station viv ask me refund her octopus card n I was ok sure but I’m gonna keep the change

This was a weekday morning I rly miss how beautiful home is .......... and I will miss it more in Germany so I’ll try to spend more time at home lmao I think sometimes I low key am sad I committed till August sigh

yay lunch w all the colleagues see I v awkward one so I only take photo of mi food XD XD HAHAHAHAHAHA

And wtf got damn cheated I love dumpling noodles but this one got the damn strong 菜 taste no go 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

LOL legit mood

And we went to miniso cuz home gal wanted to go home to do some overtime work HAHAHAHA she wanted to buy a mouse

Vans asked me where I was and I said ooooo I’m at paya where u LOL and we coordinated to meet so cute she wanted to text me cuz she was near but like ............... she thought I OTing don’t wna make mi sad aww so sweet

I bought nuggets and I was like omg what if we spill wtf my mouth rly SUAY AF IMMEDIATELY MY BOTTLE DROPPED AND THE nuggets TOO WTF!!!!!!

Me at home and DOING OT! I luv life ! At least can work from home idw free sauna thank u save it

N ON WED WAS LIKE’s bday!!!!!!! My v cute colleague v kind genuine and always telling me to leave HAHAHAH or don’t come back the next day haiz

We went to XINWANG FOR LUNCH so nice had this cheesy mushroom thingum

And wow Xin Wang’s wings R DOPE AF LOL

oriteeey guys I am gonna sleep cuz I’m so tired!!!!!! I hope y’all had a great day at work !!!!!!! I rly am sO tired friendships can be real tiring ZZZ rly had no mood 2 do anything aft but yeh note 2 self sometimes it’s ok 2 put urself first

I rly have 0 time to deal now that I’m leaving soon!!! Only good vibes

k goodnight palzos HAHAHAHAH and to that 1 camper awwwwwwwwwww sorry this such a lame update

Nick 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Day 197

Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019

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srhlng (avatar)

srhlng I’m ur biggest fan nick!

1 month ago

itscheryl (avatar)

itscheryl Looking at your recent many games do we have to play now 😱 (loving the updates tho)

1 month ago

whatchewdoing (avatar)

whatchewdoing When are you leaaaaaaving??

1 month ago

nickkstars (avatar)

nickkstars @whatchewdoing got farewell treat?

1 month ago

nickkstars (avatar)

nickkstars @itscheryl eh Cheryl HEHEHEHE wna play now w QIRONG ?????? HAHAHAHA see I’m rly trying for u

1 month ago

whatchewdoing (avatar)

whatchewdoing Hehehe if it’s in August maybe when I’m back from Melbs

3 weeks ago

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