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Ode to Tembu days w DAISYZ LMAO IVE SO MUCH BACKLOG but sch is killing me sorry palzos

so sooOooo today I know I haven’t updated in forever and I’ve an 8am compulsory class tomorrow and it’s one but this is just an ode to the times DAISYZ has been w me w Tembu !!!!!

since the v start!!!! This was when we skipped rag to set up our router in my room lmao breathless jiejie don’t scold XD

And then room tour we went to shesres to eat our papaya to further avoid responsibilities LOL gr8 work

And how DAISYZ would skip french so we could extend our time at reedZ ok non Tembu moment but still

and then in sem 1 when we would get our usual fare!!!! 2 mains and pizza to fully utilise my meal coupons hehehe

And the apple that has never changed she got an apple today too

AND mi bday when most of wed tings were still in Singapore HAHAHAH and this was absolute chaos and she got water poured on her LOL

and we’d spend every finals going out to celebrate and we even made plans for this sem’s
End of finals HAHAHA which is so far away

Ok shit I accidentally included this

AND then in y2s1 she would spend every Tuesday with me because she just wanted to spend more time even tho she was no longer in hall

Even if it meant bathing in Tembu LOL and this was when my new suite mates were like “wa they done so fast” lmao GET Ur minds out the gutter

And Kristi would join us and obviously we’d look the worst possible XD

and our antics LMAO we would share our food OR pretend to buy each other food but rly is just leftovers all the DAMN TIME

And then I would walk you to !!!!!! the driveway so I can get in the good books of Lian T HAHAHAH who would bake me the walnut cake cuz I’m her fav

And we would study at PC COMMONS LMAO and I would plan ur agenda 4 u rly a planner cuz sometimes u r a lil wreck like finding out about finals <10 hours b4 ur paper XD

And id look my Worst* edited But feel the most comfy with you

And the other time we had jasmine over and I went to reserve seats 4 yall and yall just slouched LIKE THIS n took my matrix card n I had to beg someone to tap me into my own hall LOL

Then making jas our slave getting drinks 4 US no wonder she go Korea exchange stop replying us??? Jk

N THEN U GAVE JAS HARIBO N I HAD A HECK TON OF HARIBO GUMMIES in hall and I said u regifted her AND U HEARD IT N U Were so indignant .......... u came out of the shower w face wash to explain urself the fk

But thru n thru

And the time we were supposed to apply for exchange together which will be one of my softest spots ever I wished we were flying together.... you even tried to lie you could speak German by beginning ur application with “halo” this means hello in German HAHAHAHAHA ur brain works wonders

N then that was the end of y2s1 and um dalkomm means ????

AND TONIGHT you really roared w laughter and we talked bout our memories in this place!!!! So many of them really , and we are going places still!!!!! me to Sweden n you to Germany together!!!!!!

asdjdfjdjshah I’ll miss this place and i miss uuuUuuUuuuu goodnight

I guess thank you for being one of the reasons Tembu was such a good happy home for me

Day 108

Thursday, 18 Apr 2019

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