nik 👁👅👁 (avatar)
updated 2 months ago

ready for my paper LATER ON!!!!!!! a feast!!!!!!!!!

who the fk sets a paper at 5.30pm on a Saturday wtf cock block leh!!!!! Plus school now so noisy cuz OF open house xiao didi xiao meimei men pls be quiet abit THIS KORKOR HAS AN EXAM TO STUDI FOR!!!! FUX

HAHAHAAHA ok kidding make as much noise as possible I’m home XD

I prey I don’t get dizzy / have fainting spells later on!!!! Ytd I had massive blind spots n my head started spinning like crazy!!!!!!!!! N I think I nearly passed out geeeZzzzZz God be w me 😭😭😭

dis ninja trying to catch a chameleon TODAY HHAHAHA she’s so sm0L WHAt a baby and omg

Cuz last sem someone started a petition to make the module I had an exam for today SU-able; I.e. not count the final grade in ur GPA

and the person has the same name as me and today at the exam hall SOMEONE SAID “I tot u took this mod last sem???” WTF BRO HAHAHAHAA CURSING ME TO REMOD IS IT HENLO......

~ on mi way 2 meet chippu 4 dinner ~ i wna update about vivi’s treat but mebe tmr have a good weekend mi dayre palz0s

Day 68

Saturday, 9 Mar 2019

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yanlintyl (avatar)

yanlintyl very cute look with the new(???) specs de omo

2 months ago

nickkstars (avatar)

nickkstars omg not new specs eh but thx u pal!!! <3 @yanlintyl

2 months ago

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