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IM CRAZY AF #pray4dayre 👅

April 2019

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HI PALS HAHAHAHA sorry I’ve been so swamped!!!! Cher Cher was telling me I hafent been updating much was rly busy wanted to spend time in btw studying / commuting to interviews updating????? But also non committal updating 😜

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Ode to Tembu days w DAISYZ LMAO IVE SO MUCH BACKLOG but sch is killing me sorry palzos

so sooOooo today I know I haven’t updated in forever and I’ve an 8am compulsory class tomorrow and it’s one but this is just an ode to the times DAISYZ has been w me w Tembu !!!!! since the v start!!!! This was when we skipped rag to set up our router in my room lmao breathless jiejie don’t scold XD

wait has something changed??? I can’t post a pic also I’ve missed this space I was extremely overwhelmed too n am rly panicking cuz I haven’t secured an intern and I broke down just now because it rly is so tiring!!!! meeEp

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