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Be the light you wanna see 💡

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Bye Dayre!! Decided to forgo the app for good now~ I’ve successfully exported all my posts to wordpress and when the subscription model kicks in, I’ll most probably not continue, hence the goodbye!I WILL MISS U AS A SAFE HAVEN WHERE I CAN PLANT MY INCOHERENT THOUGHTS w cute stickers and hopefully wordpress works the same!!! BYE 👋🏼

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I wonder why when everytime i try to take the first step, fate always results in the opposite 😣 25 April shall be the last day i try and I’ll probably forget about it thereafter...time to pull a plug

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Did the auntie just give me a humjinbang because i caught her using a freshly rinsed ladle which was covered in soap previously to scoop my herbal chicken?😣

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