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Potluck dinner

It's the last day of 2013.

And my phone's having a makeover inside out for the new year! In fact I'm using a different device now, same model, with updated iOS (finally!) so I can finally install Dayre XD I'll miss the super kawaii Hello Kitty protectors though. #iphone4s #hellokitty

Mum-in-law's preparing to cook her best maggi goreng for our potluck party that we are hosting tonight! We also brought over bro-in-law's airfryer so I can make sweet potato fries and hubby can fry his popcorn chicken. Gonna be a wild night tonight with hubby's friends bringing all kinds of food from sandwiches and pizzas to an entire roast duck and champagne!

My mum-in-law is a good woman. She's cooking up a storm: ginkgo barley dessert, braised mushrooms, etc... And she's packing one portion each to bring to her friend who lives alone ten MRT stations away and is currently having difficulty in walking. Mil is traveling specially to share some home cooked food and holiday cheers, before coming back to cook maggi goreng. She's always putting her family and friends before herself and I am grateful to have this lovely lady as mil; bless her kind soul 😊

Heehee... I woke up from a nap with baby (omg this is how holiday should be like!) feeling hungry and so I'm stealing some food before the guests arrive. Am I spoilt or what?! Napping while mil cook up a storm in the kitchen. But two's a crowd in our tiny kitchen, and I'm tired (geez I wonder how I'll cope when school reopens!)... So naturally napping with baby was the best option for me, as that will be quite impossible when school reopens. The dessert is filled to brim with ingredients! #yummy

My sweet potato fries in progress!! (This entry is gonna be so packed with photos!)

We bought lots of stuff to be used with the air fryer but mil says it'd get too long to get all of them cooked... Which is true, we totally overestimated and bought lots of stuff! In the end hse deep fried the curry samosa, popcorn chicken and seaweed chicken in a wok of oil on the stove. The kitchen's gonna be so oily later... The honey wings are cooking inside the air fryer. I think we'll have lots of food. Maybe lots of leftovers 😕 Anyway let's just enjoy ya! #friedfood #itspartytime

Now, that's a lot of deep fried food lol

Roast duck is here.

Live update direct from our potluck party! Lol~ Macaroni with veggie sauce has arrived ^^v

Woohoo! #potluck #party #toomuchfood?!

Mil cooked the pot of braised chicken and mushrooms~

My first serving of the veggie pasta... Woooo~ yums max!! #veggiepasta #yummyinmytummy

Drinks for our cheers to the new year!! Ooooh my fav filter on Dayre is Uno... Been using it the most so far 😙 and so far is only one day! Lol... My first day on Dayre and I'm spamming pics like mad. Ahahahaha~ #spammingphotos #cheerstothenewyear

From one of the "latecomers" 😆 Pork knuckle (in a barbeque chicken bag), honey ham and a golden bottle of #Bottega~

Guess that's all on our last meal of 2013... #overeating!

I wish I'm at a countdown party but I'm in bed coaxing my little one to sleep and hubby's friends are leaving after the sumptuous potluck dinner, our last meal of 2013. Here's me wishing everyone an awesome, blessed and joyous 2014!!

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Tuesday, 31 Dec 2013

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