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Taipei Eats

Almost at the end of Jan now, and I feel like I’m still settling into 2019. Looking forward to this year- lots of travels in the first half, and hoping praying for our plans to work out in the second half. Half scared and half excited but that’s how all good things start right?

December travels to Taiwan and China successfully made me fat, and though I don’t think we’re going back anytime soon I should still post the memorable restaurants in Taipei, just in case.

Taipei eats


We had the year end set menu and actually loved everything, though none of the dishes particularly stood out for me. Very creative use of ingredients 💯 Also, very very good cocktails. Skip the wine pairing and go for cocktails :)

📍Yen at W Taipei

We went for dimsum and while the food was excellent, I think we were also paying for the view. See above for the 3 things you must order- everything else we tried were just alright. Personally think Mume and Toh-A are much more worth it for the price.


I can’t remember how I found out about this place, but apparently Chef Abu who runs this restaurant is pretty famous in Taiwan. The restaurant is hidden in a residential district, but the entrance can’t be missed. 💯 for aesthetics both outdoor and indoor.

They only serve set menu here and surprisingly the dinner price is the same as Mume, with lots more premium ingredients. It’s definitely more classic than gastronomy, but we loved every dish. Favorite meal of this trip ❤️

📍Jinfeng 卤肉饭

Not much to say about this place except that it’s cheap and good. Best 卤肉饭 out of the ones we tried.

📍Chen Ji meesua

Flavorful and hearty bowl of meesua, said to be the best in Taipei. Unfortunately the intestines had too strong a smell for me and my tourist palate prefers Ah-zhong meesua to this 🙈.


Went all the way to Danshui for this bowl of 排骨饭. The best in Taiwan ✌🏻only wished they gave more meat.


Best hotpot I’ve ever had. The soup base was just 💯🤯. A must-go.


100% would queue for this again haha. I had the half lean half fatty meat and it was perfection.

Bubble teas

Had wayyy too much bubble tea but here’s my favourites:
- 幸福堂 for brown sugar milk tea. The Shilin outlet was 💯 but the drink tasted different when we ordered in Danshui. Minus points for inconsistency, would stick to the one in shilin next time.
- Tiger sugar for brown sugar milk. Milk was very very creamy though and got quite jelat towards the end.
- 陈三鼎 for brown sugar milk that’s much more palatable and non-jelat.

Sadly it’s true what everyone says, 50lan is no longer good 😕

📍Indulge Experimental Bistro

A bar at Da-an district with very very interesting cocktails. Their drinks are pricey but they also make use of in-house liquors you can’t find anywhere else. Loved their tea-based cocktails the most but you really can’t go wrong with any.

Would love to return next time but there are many interesting bars in Taipei we didn’t get a chance to try this time. Bar-hopping sounds like a good plan for our next visit.

📍如一 Sunnycake

Was recommended this by our driver when we were looking for pineapple cakes. They are famous for 太阳饼 but we really only wanted pineapple cakes haha. I dare say it’s better than our old favorite Chiate- bigger and more fruity/ less sweet. I especially love the ones with egg yolk inside.

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