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July 2019

Cant get over how funny yst's ep of running man was omg.Yang se chan is hilarious hahahhahaha code kunst and nucksal also!!! Can you imagine if it were seok jin, ji hyo and the two of them??? Omg. Hahahahha cannot cannot. But nucksal and code kunst damn funny hahahha cant wait to see all the performances at the end!!!!

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Yayy mum made 茶叶蛋 for us last night so i can have it for brekkie!!Quite sure my bro forgot to take even tho my mum told us last night heeheee.Wondering if i will get 胃痛 from this???

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This wkend's stitches.Ft a leaf that looks like maggot formation.

Saw how my coach dealt w a douche today. So eye-opening. I was so like 😍😍 and 😁😁😁💪💪💪 when i saw it la.Douche asked coach how to do a certain move and while coach was explaining, douche went on to try and submit coach w another move wtf douche. But my coach damn fast damn zai, hurry put him in his place and asked, "you wanna learn or you wanna fight?" In a firm tone. Like 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 coach you so zai!!!! HahahaSrsly juju shows you a person's true colours!!!

Still v amazed by how you can tell a person's character from juju.Their ego is just plain to see.

Took a month off juju bcoz i was dreading going to class. It made me tired. And the break was good. It was rejuvenating. And it kinda made me excited to go back again. So i went back today, after one month. Coach just came back from his 2 week holiday too and he was on a stripe-giving spree. I think almost everyone got a stripe today LOL.

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