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November 2018

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13 years of celebration together....... sometimes i cannot believe how i spend more than half of my life growing up with you and reach different milestones. turning 21 in just 3 months made me realised how much we have grown since we met each other when we were 7. so so grateful to have you in my life ❤️✨

times flies eh? Semester is coming to an end soon and i have already received my schedule for the next sem dhahshabsjaacan’t believe that i somewhat went through 1 sem with my friends and still shooked by how much can happen within just 1 sem 🙂thought of doing like a backlog of all the photos but i realised i transferred most of them to my lappy already so....... next time la hor hahahaha. so glad that things r at a much comfortable pace :’)

October 2018

it was one hell of a ride last night. letting my late night thoughts consume me completely really..... killed me. i hate how i always let it destroy and ruin me completely and now i feel like... i am in a mess. i know i should not be doing this but i can’t stop myself. I can’t stop myself from comparing myself with others. Its not only about grades, but every other aspects of their life.

i chanced upon you again. & its not even a month. the first time made me so afraid of seeing you. indeed, you crashed me completely (again)perhaps i handled it better this time. i wish ytd would be my last time seeing you. because its killing me inside always praying for things that are never coming true but i just want to avoid it forever. or the very least till im ok.

September 2018

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i am still as hurt as before. my wounds are still very fresh. i start to feel that i am crumbling down. no mood, trying to make myself feel like i have the mood etc. this whole sian mood is gonna last for quite awhile and i hope i can get back to who i am really soon.

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