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Flippin at aunties // Bali

I think something has snapped in me because i REALLY cannot tolerate aunties on public transport anymore

This morning one used an umbrella to hit my leg and cut all the way to the front
After as i was boarding the train, A VERY HEALTHY AND FIT AUNTY probably ran 200m from the other side and just pushed everyone including a frail old lady just to get a seat on the train

And now as i was balancing a shit load of drinks to bring back to the office this aunty pushed me

i was in such a state of panic, picking everything up and cleaning the mess

i’ve never been so pissed off EVER

and all the aunty did was look at me and boarded the train

and in my head i was literally screaming

oh well i’ve cleaned the floor and threw away my 6 cups and i’m just gonna go to nearer my office and repurchase everything

Like i’m really wondering if they are that “frail and weak” if they can run like they were taking their napfa test and aiming for a gold

if they can push people away with a force of an elephant and probably snap at people like crocodiles

i am just really so irritated with singapore’s culture at times, we give them so much privilege till the point where their excuse for everything is their age

till they disregard everything
just that day a pregnant lady was asked to get out of her seat

just so that “frail” old lady could take a seat

and no one else offered the pregnant lady a seat even though it was pretty obvious she was probably gonna pop anytime soon

i did ask a few people to give up their seat for her but they either just ignored me or just said no because it’s not a reserved seat


So home girl here has just finished buying all the replacement bbt 😭😭😭

and i’m on the way to the office and guess what
idk if it’s just me or is the whole entire aunty universe against me today

Made it safely to the office without encountering any aunties but now i have to face the wrath of my boss aka my mum because I DROPPED HER COFFEE and wasted another good 20 mins queuing up to re-order it 😭😭😭😭

Oh well at least i get to be in the safety of my office and away from aunties
till another time for some aunty chronicles

In order news i’ve got some backlogging to do he he
Zw finally has been certified as an open water diver by my dad and i’m so happy!!! 🥰
i was pretty glad that he enjoyed diving a lot and was more than willing to wake up early in the morning for a dive

although we did get the bad case of the bali belly because i was vomiting and experiencing waterfalls in the toilet :~) slightly too much info but yes

even though i drank only mineral water

Choppy waters are what gives me the jiggles in my belly because strong currents which = alot of finning


the daily night mare of having to walk on huge ass pebbles and probably falling and breaking my neck is real ok guys

plus my shoes were the thinnest of the lot it was like i wasn’t wearing anything


We went to lempuyang temple, WHERE WE SAW THIS DUDE PROPOSING
and it was my first time seeing someone propose in public and everyone was so happy for them and clapping away :’)
and although they weren’t allowed to kiss at the temple they still did la because HELLO HAPPY DAY
but when they kissed the workers went


And fun fact i always thought that the reflection in pictures were made by water but they actually used a mirror LMAO SO SMART HOR
marketing at its finest

it was their new year that day! and they were all dressed in traditional outfits and looking soooo good

We went to the bali nest too!!! and i have to say it was rlly over crowded with PRC
i’m so sorry to anyone who is from china but...... THEY WERE SO RUDE
i know not all PRC people are rude but goodness i couldn’t stand their attitudes

but there was this very friendly lady! and my family had a good chat with her
she came to bali for a solo trip and just wanted to have a good experience

i wanna do that too but i’ll probably die from loneliness lmao
i need to have someone beside me

had fried chicken for almost every single meal and i got so sick of it by the end of the 5th day because their chicken

my dad says it’s healthier because it has no fats and also because it’s kampung chicken but ultimately i still had the worst puke of my life during the trip

couldn’t sleep because my stomach was bloated
was vomiting ever hour and even on an empty stomach it was puking out acid (ew)

Went to ubud and saw some cuties and of course my mum just had to do her typical asian mum taking a photo pose

cue example

bought back like 6 bags because we were helping people to buy some and gosh IT IS SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN IN THAILAND OR SG

the stores in SG are selling them at $60 and i bought it for about $15
Lmao talk about how much money was saved

Day 8

Tuesday, 8 Jan 2019

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vials (avatar)

vials Omg yes. I was sitting so defiantly on the reserved seat while getting so many stares from those aunties even though my knee was all bandaged up because I was hurt. Not to mention how they scour for seats constantly walao look for Sqkii coin also never look so hard leh.

3 months ago

taypengkosong (avatar)

taypengkosong LOL @vials “look for sqkii coin also never look so hard” hahahahahahah

3 months ago

xinyeah (avatar)

xinyeah What the fuckery??? I feel so angry from your post!!!

3 months ago

aribanari (avatar)

aribanari Wonder why it's mostly aunties who do this and rarely uncles. Like some old men are glad to stand on the trains. They don't really sprint for seats. I've had one very healthy looking middle-aged office lady auntie stood infront of where i was sitting (non-reserved), and she kept asking after every few stops "When are you alighting? Soon?" cos she wants to sit. Fuck's sake. I've had to stand 8 hours for my job & the osteoarthritis in my back is killing me, leave me the fuck alone.

3 months ago

Kozonis19 (avatar)

Kozonis19 Omg my blood pressure just rose reading your post and it really reminded of me of one of the things I really hated when I was in Sg!!!!!! Wtf people IGNORED YOU WHEN YOU ASKED THEM???? Walao eh. Aiyah when I broke my foot and used crutches in the mrt people didn’t even blink either. Although I would’ve really appreciated getting a seat cos I couldn’t balance properly. BUT PEOPLE JUST SUCK LA 🤷🏻‍♀️

3 months ago

gonebysunrise (avatar)

gonebysunrise in my experience, is not only those oldn aunties but also those 30-40 years old office workers aunties too... they don't even bother to give up seats for people in need either!! all pretending to use phones. And people whom I have witnessed gave up seats are usually foreigners or youngsters.
I think this age thing is common in a chinese society? (bc I feel that usually these annoying aunties are Chinese too) where they feel that their age gives them the right to do all these. it is very very common in China too.

3 months ago

linseylinn (avatar)

linseylinn Wtf @ those aunties I feel so raged reading this all these entitled pieces of shits 🤬🤬🤬
On another note, so kiut la “bf certified by your dad” 😂
And yah, skinny chicken > fat ones so.. at least not puking fats 🌚🌚

3 months ago

nattolee (avatar)

@xinyeah HAHAHAH thank you for feeling angry too #notalone
@aribanari true, it’s so weird that it’s only the aunties doing all these kinda things and the uncles are generally pretty ok w not having seats?! SO WEIRD
@Kozonis19 YA they blatantly ignored me and i apologised to the pregnant lady because i couldn’t help get her a seat sigh 😪
@gonebysunrise i agree! not only old aunties but some middle ages OLs too??? it’s damn annoying that they think age gives them privilege
@linseylinn HAHAHAHA but i prefer fatty chicken eh 😂😂😂 more juicy

3 months ago

angieserasee (avatar)

angieserasee This!!! I was hollered at by an uncle who rudely waved his rolled newspaper right in my face to ask me to get out of my (unreserved) seat. He was literally screaming at me, saying that young people don’t deserve a seat while chasing me away. A lady in her 30s who was next to me got so self-conscious that she got out of her seat as well but the uncle told her, “it’s ok you can sit because she (me) is younger than you”

I have never felt more insulted in public, even my parents don’t holler at me like that!!!

3 months ago

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