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Oh my gadddd!!

Long time no Dayre but here is my comeback. So so many social media accounts to juggle that I have just dropped everything.

Here to tell you all what shocking news. So we are planning a trip to Bangkok with my family and I naturally went to Airbnb to look for accommodation. I booked the place 2-3 months ago (not travelling until 1-2 months from now). In a way I booked the place 4 months before travelling lah.

Then I got an email from Airbnb.

Sorry your host has to cancel out. Here's x amount of money extra to compensate for you to do another booking - AIRBNB

Of course the email was a lot more professional la. So anyway we were very happy cause we had extra money to book a nicer place. It was about RM 100++ la. We took about 2-3 days before we found a new place and was again excited. Reviews look pretty good so we were quite happy! Happen once, sure not again la. Airbnb also said it doesn't happen often. So relax la.

So anyway since it's quite near to the travelling period, the new host hasn't mailed us with the directions and all so we suddenly had an instinct to email her one month before travelling. At least she has time to reply us and if any changes (touchwood) at least we have time to shift options or wtv.

That was last night.

This morning we received a reply.


Wahhhhh if we didn't text what would have happened? So we went to her review site to check if anybody has been complaining.

Wah so many people have been complaining about her for the past month. But before this her reviews were top notch and 5 star.

There was even one who complained that she was right at the lobby upon arrival when the host only decided to tell her then that she has to cancel.

So suay. We have now decided to just get a hotel instead. I usually trust AIRBNB but I think seriously Bangkok is on a heavy crackdown for these rented lots.

We decided to email AIRBNB because the lady asked us to cancel the booking ourselves

But if we cancel it doesn't reflect on her account right? So I filed a complaint to seek advise from AIRBNB to see if they should prompt the host to cancel from her end or if its the same for us to cancel on our end.

Update : Ok AIRBNB REPLIED. They cancelled the booking for us and gave us USD 100 as compensation to be used till next year.


Wah found this place called Parkview Ratchaprarop. Looks so good 😊😊 And so much nearer to the city centre.


UPDATES : Super surprised at how this whole accommodation thing is unfolding.

You won't believe it 😑

Omg guys is this real?

So we gave up on AIRBNB for Bangkok. Proceeded to book hotels or guest houses in hotel sites likes Booking/Trivago/Hotels Combined etc.

We found one pretty good place at a reasonable price (the one above) Don't have to pay in advance until days before the stay and can do cancellation for free so I quickly booked it as they only had 2 rooms left.

They then sent us the email above 30-40 minutes into the booking!

HOTELS also backed out on us 😱😱😱

Is this a sign?

Day 188

Wednesday, 6 Jul 2016

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sgrmse happy boxing day!

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