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Getting Lost + Lunch Date

Omaikot past 12 already! I wanted to dayre about an episode today while driving.

It's okay I'll just share anyway lah. So usually it takes me about an hour to get home from work although it's only about 30 minutes getting there. Mainly because of peak hour traffic and all. I usually choose to still go back at that time so I can have dinner with my family as we eat at about 6.30-7.00PM. I could usually wait - but I choose not to so I don't have to drive at night and I can eat with my family.

So today it felt like it was going to rain hard so I left about 15 minutes earlier, also since I wanted to try out a new route heading home. Bryan taught me a way to get home that cuts through most of the jam at the Mont Kiara area after Penchala Link. I tried the day before but didn't get the memo that I had to take the small route by the side to cut the traffic lol. I went back to him today and said "Eh? I didn't only not cut the jam I started jamming from earlier on summoh leh?"

"Er you have to follow Waze to use the smaller route ah"

Sounded like new information to me so I go try today. Wah so excited really got inside route skip all the jam. I drove past along the way I felt like my heart going so fast. I'm a rebel!! I'm the smartest!! FASTEST!!

Suddenly the route ask me turn left into some housing area. I though Wah, this Waze so much tricks up its sleeve ah. Follow only lor. All the cars infront and behind me seem to know what they're doing. All seemed like they cutting traffic too.

I drove and drove. And ended up...

...somewhere here.

There were only trees and roads were only one lane but cars came from both directions! I realized I was in the midst of nowhere and all I could see was the environment of the photo. Kid you not it felt so similar to Genting roads, just flatter and not so steep. But I was definitely going in curves and it felt like more than 15 curves altogether. Roads were so narrow one car coming from the opposite direction got stuck! Wah I only had so little space to cross - pray so hard!

It was slightly drizzling with thunder that hinted oncoming downpour so I was so worried about getting lost and was driving in to somewhere I shouldn't be. It's quite scary driving alone and seemingly onto some sort of woods. Somemore girl leh. But I trusted the cars with me cause they seem to know what they were doing (or possibly also led by Waze)!

After finally what seemed like forever I found a traffic light and knew main roads were just going to be up ahead.

PHEW!! 😅

Time to eat. Lunch date with @vvens. Korean at Han Woo Ri!!

Jaeyuk dopbab!

Had so much food to eat!!! I ordered kimchi stew and Vivien and soybean paste stew! Burp. Walked over to get some BBONGDA 😁

Day 94

Saturday, 4 Apr 2015

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