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March 2019

9 months young

✔ able to say dadada and neh neh neh✔ pull herself up into standing position and getting quite strong/stable ✔ waves randomly 😂✔ able to reach out & grip objects accurately, even small items like buttons and knots✔ learnt to make clicking sound w her mouth✔ know how to manja and lie down on me/next to me❌ no teeth❌ dont like to eat

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@LoveandLemonade Fyi! It’s a TCM powder. Should be able to get at any TCM shop.

When your husband thinks it’s not ok to join his boss and colleagues only for half hr for drinks aft work but thinks it is ok to let his wife manage a bb alone, carrying her work bag, laptop and his dinner and take a cab hm by herself. Sorry I cannot understand this logic or thinking.

February 2019

真的是累死我Awake from 3.30am till now and I have to survive a work day. So tempted to take half day leave and go back home to nap 😴

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Fussy baby is ultra fussy today.Bought a play yard hoping to keep her contain inside cos she is climbing EVERYWHERE now.. but she doesn't seems to like it?!Don't tell me I'll have to end up selling it away 😓

Time to pack the pumps away

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