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哎呀, 他(FIL)很想带她(Janis) 出去走走就给他去啦! TSK!

Guess who decided that she is the mother of my child again?? And the TSK is tsk us, not I tsk her OK.

And 10mins later, Janis came back from her first ever 2dollar car ride.

I have no idea what/which ride cause needless to say, no permission was asked prior to the ride and of course, no wipe down. Let's hope no cpox or hfmd infected kid has taken the same ride. Cause apart from not wanting Janis to kena, I haven't gotten any of these said viruses before and I really do not wish to contract any of them during my pregnancy.

It's 3am now and Janis just woke up in shock and kept wailing 怕怕.

Should I give this "mother" a call and ask her to pacify "her child" and also to check if the ride Janis took earlier was too scary/vigorous for the timid girl?

Remember the homemade hotdog buns I tried making some time back?

I learnt that an aunt casually told my mil that the buns I made looked legit. But guess what was my mil's reply?


To be honest, is there even a need for such an answer? And who is she to even make such a comment? She's someone who loves adding MSG to her food to make them flavourful yet denies having added them. She even said she never ever uses them when the MSG is prominently placed in her kitchen 🤔

Why not just smile and pass? Why must say until like that leh?

Some might think I'm being over sensitive. Just like that particular friend's mom who thinks I'm being petty when I got angry with mil for wanting Janis to call SIL mama and/or gugu-mama when I refused.

But hey, cut me some slack. I'm just a trying mom here, wanting to give the best to her kid. If I can make them myself, salt and preservative free, and they are actually edible, why not? Why the need to make such snide comments?

And here we go again..

Day 170

Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

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