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Rethinking life’s priorities

Last night, at slightly past 12, the internet blew up with this piece of news.

I was scrolling Instagram to catch the last glimpse of the instastories for the day, and took notice of this particular sgag post right at the top.

I initially thought it was merely an offensive joke. Then I thought a little further.... surely people won’t joke about death?

Ended up doing a quick Google. And was completely reeling in shock from this newfound information.

I don’t watch MediaCorp shows.

Heck, I’m someone who sometimes cringe at the cheesiness of its plots, thinking when would sg shows ever match up with the ones overseas.

I didnt watch any of his shows. But I recognised him, knew some of his characters, sat by my family to watch some of the episodes of shows he starred in.


I scrolled his tagged posts. His feed was filled with this poignant portrait of him. Tributes started pouring in, and through these dedicated posts I saw how he was.

He was a patient, hardworking, and humble man.

He was a filial son.

He was a joy to his closest mates, and a considerate and attentive young man.

The seniors of his profession spoke highly of him, impressed by how thoughtful he was, genuine and sincere.

He left a legacy in people’s lives.

I think the fact that he was such a mature and intelligent guy left me a lot more heavy-hearted. He was not just a guy with a sparkling bright future laid out in front of him, he was a brilliant friend, colleague and son. 😞


One of the first few tagged posts announcing his departure was by his partner.

Wow, it was heart-wrenching.

I read her post, and laid in bed with my head feeling entirely empty, and stayed wide awake.

How? How does one deal with the loss of his/her partner?

How does one get out of the shadows of the fact that someone whom you were so ready to brave the world and own it together, just dissolve and vanish from this world without saying goodbye?

How does one deal with daily happenings, knowing that their best buddy wouldn’t be just a text away?

So, so heartbreaking. 😞💔

I recall thinking about this sorts of situation happening.

I remember ending up in tears, and ended up escaping from this terribly disturbing thought.

To live with that sadness weighing down on your shoulders, grief hitting you in waves at any time of the day.. struggling with that mental and emotional void which would never seem to fill again.. It all just seems just too torturous to any living being.

I can’t possibly imagine something so cruel happening to someone. 😞

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“It is a reminder of the fragility and unpredictability of life, as well as our inevitable mortality as human beings.”

“... but I think it was only yesterday that I truly understood it.”

These words resonated strongly within me.

Funny how it always takes the death of someone for us to be reminded of the importance of focusing on just the most important things in life - family, health and happiness.

So what if that auntie glared at you for blocking her way out of the mrt? So what if the person in front of you is walking a bit slower?

So what if your fav food stall isn’t open during lunch? So what if your mum cooked sth you didn’t like?

Instead of focusing on making each and every part of our life right, don’t forget to stop by to appreciate the breeze in the air, the morning sun on your skin.

That familiar voice welcoming you home. That cute security uncle greeting you “good morning”. That cleaner who nods at you and asks whether you’ve eaten.

To always appreciate and be thankful of your loved ones, and most importantly, that they are healthy and safe. 🙂❤️

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Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

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