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Attending our first finance event! 💰

Woke up at 6ish to this beautiful weather to attend my first ever paid finance event ever!


Have been looking forward to it since the day it was announced. 🤩 Seedly is really my go-to finance page for all the lil nuggets of personal finance tips!

So when they announced their first ever large-scale public event, it’s like OF COURSE?!?

I think I was one of the first few to sign up. 😂 they had this 50% off code and I was like MUST!!! SNATCH!!!!!

Turned out I was too early because they released 60% code for their fb group HAHA.

Kiasuism backfires sometimes. 😂

C is grabbing some brekkie for us before we embark our journey to Suntec!

Feeling like such an adult, waking up voluntarily at this timing on a Saturday when weekends are so precious nowadays. 🤯

So happy to be heading to this together though! It’s nice to learn things together. To get our basics in finances strong together! 💪🏻

Thankful for C to be so receptive towards such opportunities too. 🙂 I’m usually the super enthu one when it comes to personal finance hehe.

Excited to see the Seedly team in real life for the first time. A bit got the gonna-meet-idols kind of feeling leh.

Am I crazy. 😂

I remember seeing the fifth person team while I was dining at Paddy Hills and I was like OMG I RECOGNISE YOU GUYS!!! I no longer just recognise female influencers/influenzassss 👀

Is it level up??? HAHA.

Looking forward to see speakers like @/sgbudgetbabe too!!! 😍

Have been following her blog and writing since forever too. All the best to you later, Dawn! 😊💪🏻

Back from the event!

Wow i was so sleepy towards the end because it was really an info-packed session today.

$15 totally well spent! 🤓 we still got some goodies and I liked the tote bag heh. Even though I didn’t get the gems biscuit one. That was my fav design.

The event started off with sgbudgetbabe being the first speaker! I was nudging C and told him “sgbudgetbabe is here!!”

It felt pretty surreal seeing people I’ve only known online, in real life. 😳

Posted halfway because the weekend was spent hu$tlin’ lol

It was my first time listening to Christopher despite using Moneyowl a couple of times. Was previously playing around with the options available on the site and realised how fuss-free it was.

This talk had the greatest impact on me because I always felt a need to look into my insurance policies. That area was sth that all finance bloggers would encourage looking into, and it was something I personally felt I needed to buff up on.

Insurance is for PROTECTION.

Christopher made us recited this several times HAHA and I recited along with the crowd and feeling it 100% in my heart. 😌💘

Lolol so dramatic. 😂

But really, that’s something I really believed it.
I have a friend with like, 2 whole life plans and 1 endowment plan that she has to pay for, for yearssss. Just the sound of that..... wow yikes man. Can’t imagine how much that must have cost. 😨🥵

I also really liked how Christopher put his opinions across so clearly, yet not dissing any particular options made by people.

Personally, I find insurance quite an interesting topic. It was something which was completely foreign to me before I graduated, and something I thought was “吃钱的”, after being influenced by my parents.

Well, they were my only source of information back then. I was biased against insurance for the longest time - coupling that with the fact that there were just too many black sheep in the industry, the whole insurance territory was just absolutely intimidating. 😭

It was only after graduation and after chancing upon blogs like sgbudgetbabe where I started learning about the differences between the different types of policies, and started googling more and more about them.

I learnt about what were to be avoided, and what were best suited for what type of needs.

I started to educate myself of what to look out for if I were to be approached by agents on the streets.

I’ve learnt about the little details which were usually intentionally left out, and I swore to myself that I would not be one of those who were misinformed ones, like a lamb caught in a sneaky trap.

The more I read, the more confident I felt. I guess being armed with knowledge feels empowering heh.

In addition, knowing that what I know now would also help my parents gave me the greatest push to learn more.

I’m someone they can definitely trust, and I would want nothing but the best for them. 🙂

Anw, I remember meeting my friend’s agent for the very first time to get my H&S plan. When she started to provide me details of other plans, I was like “NO NO NO NO FOCUS!!!” in my head and told her a straight “I’ll just get my H&S plan for now” with a wide smile HAHA. 😬

Now I’m thinking whether to look into other policies with MoneyOwl. 🤔


Watched him previously on a few videos (dollarsandsense?) and articles, so also felt a bit of familiarity haha.

And you know what??

They say only the minority will take action on what was learnt from the Seedly event.


My first ever cpf cash top-up!! ⚡️

Lai Lai 4% come to mama.

Okay lah heart really a bit pain when I saw my account balance dip a little.

And this payday seems especially far away due to the advance we got for CNY. 😢

But it’s okay. Bb tahan. Bb grow retirement fund. 👀 May the future me appreciate the current me. Hahaha.

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Saturday, 2 Mar 2019

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Jay_tee (avatar)

Jay_tee ahhh jealous! by the time I saw the promo codes the tickets were all sold out! you will enjoy it! I attended a seedly event before and it was great! :)

3 months ago

mysavingsattempt (avatar)

mysavingsattempt @Jay_tee ahh it was a really good session today! No worries, let’s chiong for the next event! 😊 learning never stops hehe.

3 months ago

shanztan (avatar)

shanztan hey there!!! i also missed out on the Seedly event :( anw would like to ask for your opinion on transferring from your CPF OA to SA. would you recommend transferring a lump sum one shot or say a few hundreds every month?

3 months ago

mysavingsattempt (avatar)

mysavingsattempt @shanztan hello! Ahh, hope they have more upcoming ones! Hmm, for me personally I’ll do one lump sum, because if the total amount transferred for that every few months is going to be the same as that of that lump sum, I’ll dump it in earlier to let the interest roll 😬 but that really depends on individual I suppose, if I know I have a house to pay off in the near future, I’ll calculate how much I need for it first before I do a lump sum to ensure there’s enough 😊

3 months ago

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