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A millennial’s attempt at saving $. And adulting

January 2019

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Rethinking life’s priorities

Last night, at slightly past 12, the internet blew up with this piece of news.I was scrolling Instagram to catch the last glimpse of the instastories for the day, and took notice of this particular sgag post right at the top.I initially thought it was merely an offensive joke. Then I thought a little further.... surely people won’t joke about death? Ended up doing a quick Google. And was completely reeling in shock from this newfound information.

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A letter to my brother.

It’s 2 January 2019, and I’m on the MRT at 1 in the afternoon.Just boarded the train from Pasir Ris, after alighting from the chartered bus and ferry from Pulau Tekong. The morning went by in a whirl, and a pang of grogginess is hitting me. I’m unsure whether is from the mixture of emotions, or from the waking up at 5:45am this morning. While I’m on this hour-long train journey, I decided to open Dayre, and pen down a few words. Perhaps, this will streamline my cluttered thoughts.

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