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June 2019

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Today is the first time in at least 3 weeks that baos hasn’t coughed awake during her nap. It’s been slightly more than 3hrs and she is still napping. I can’t bear to wake her even though i know bedtime will be so freaking late tonight because i want her to get all the rest she can for now. The rest can wait.Me on the other hand is so drowsy from the cough med but i just can’t fall asleep. Why do other ppl knock out from it and not me!

It is a cry i will never forget. It is a plea i never wanna hear again. 💔Not taking ur pink health for granted ever again.

为什么好不容易病好你又病倒了 💔 Listening to those stuffy heavy breathing when she sleeps breaks my heart. But this time we’re better prepared.

May 2019

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Who’s sick here? Mama and bubba.If lugging a sick kid around is tough, lugging a sick kid and being sick urself is even tougher. Glad we managed to step foot into Yosemite and even got a nice shot.Today we’ll stay in and recuperate.

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Went into the room to accompany her after i was done with whatever i needed to do and saw this! She attempted to colour the clothes of those small pigs i drew and i must say she did really well. She didn’t overshot too much and she knew where she wanted to colour, i think for their age this is a really good progress? The middle pig was coloured by me though. That must have encouraged her to colour the rest!Her love for this truly amazes me. #dayremummies #littlenkhplays

April 2019

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I must write this down before i forget.Baos started completing a sentence in a book and words in a song i sang to her today. It started just today & i’m so glad i noticed because soon enough, it’ll become a norm and i won’t be marveling at her growth like this anymore.Song: I can sing a rainbow 🌈 Red and yellow and pink and greenPurple and orange and “BOOOO” (blue)I can sing a rain-BOWBook: Play baby PlayThese little babies want “MORE MORE MORE”Too cute 🥰

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