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Sunday was spent back at home where we grew up at. Eating home cooked food and spending some quality family time together.

My mum took out all my Polly pockets to let my niece play. Even my SIL was going through each of them and I can see the little tinge of happiness/excitement when she was looking through my collection haha.

That was my favourite clip-on earrings.

Yes you can inherit my polly pocket collection!

My mum and niece took a short nap while we played Overcooked II. Think we played for more than 3 hours because Nintendo Switch will have an indication ⚠️ of playing more than 180 mins.

Now I’m addicted! Hopefully I can get to play again this Sunday haha.

I love growing up with a companion and I’m so blessed to have my brother with me. We are at the age of reminiscing the good old times.

It will be my niece’s 2nd birthday celebration this Sunday and we have got her 2 cakes! One from Edith and another one will be her fav Doraemon!

Can’t wait to see her smile when she sees the Doraemon cake and goes “nang nang” haha. Because 小叮当 is nang nang to her.

On Saturday, I got the seat that totally screams me.

M 62


And I really enjoyed her concert!

This fan seated in front of us kindly passed us this light stick. So trusting leh! Haha. But what I’m more amazed is the SNSD official lightstick.

Am I living in the mountain or what?

I’ve never seen a coordinated light show with these official lightsticks before!


There will be someone to do the master control of the colours and all you have to do is to on your lightsticks. Technology 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Using this for the very first time because I wanna show S!

Ahh the leather smell 🤩

Got my OSN parcel yst and the hair ties came as a surprise!

Woah super love the dress! This sparks joy.

니뽄내뽕 is totally worth the calories!!

They’ve got a new menu(lots of risottos now) but we ordered the Tom Yum to try!

The Tom yum is dry creamy kind and I love it!!

My fourth visit and more to come!!!!

Day 16

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

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