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Superga X Drea Chong Launch Party

For anyone who is interested in the Superga X Drea Chong collection later.


Merci Mercel was seriously way overcrowded just now. Easily 250 pax in the venue at the same time. We were suffocating and lucky we stood near the kitchen hahaha grabbed the food we want before it got served to the ground. ✌🏻

Fan-girling over Drea because she’s so bubbly in person (just like her online persona) and going gaga over how toned and petite she is.

Managed to steal a 5 mins talk with her because at the same corner were her friends. She came over to say Hi to them and I secretly think that friend’s husband is this guy called Zhili who used to be a spinning instructor at TF Tampines haha.

I’m gradually giving up acknowledging people(if I bumped into them on streets) I acquainted over the years because what’s the use. So what if it is really him? And then? It just ends there. Lol.

Dislike small talks πŸ˜…

In the colours - Glory (yellow) and Breeze (White).

The rivets are now in this matte beige finishing.

Not in linen anymore but in what she called it a denim material.

The classic white.

This sea foam which in actual looks blue instead.

Oh Gosh! The linen ones look really dirty beside the denim material.

Need to have them wash soon!!

In the yellow phase now.

And how it looks when worn.

Slip on is such a good idea for lazy days.

Launching at 9am online and 10am at stores!

Drea said there’s more quantities made to meet the demand so go go go!(if you are buyingπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€)

The pair that was inspired from at $50 lesser.

Erm sold out at record speed.

But wow at this pink tweed pair for the same price at $139.90.

I think I will love this! Haha but not sure if it will be as heavy as the usual cotu 2750.

Display at the front. Only size 38 are displayed!

The photo booth which is so dreamy with Huji filter. Hehe

A local brand Hush for the essential oil candle. We got a candle as one of the freebies too!

The scented bar that can be hanged in wardrobe.

OSN preview

Am I missing out anything else? Haha

Day 18

Friday, 18 Jan 2019

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farahdean (avatar)

farahdean The yellow is so 😍

1 month ago

sodapopp (avatar)

sodapopp I was there too! was alone, and confused coz the crowd was insane!! too packed for a small cafe imo!

1 month ago

feli_ng (avatar)

feli_ng aww when is osn launching!! Love the roadmap!

4 weeks ago

musingsofmei (avatar)

musingsofmei @farahdean yellow was honestly in my consideration!! Haha such a Breeze to wear this pair!

@sodapopp yea I’ve got the same thoughts as u. Impossible to move around haha.

@feli_ng later at 10am! Haha

4 weeks ago

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