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Hermes Bastia in Rose Jaipur/Rose Eglantine

Technically not my first orange box but it is the first orange box I got from the boutique.

You may already have guessed what this is. ☺️

Unboxing on a Monday is such a good way to chase away Monday blues.

And I came home yesterday to a very excited husband because he finally got down to the noting down the places he wanna go in πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅. Initial plan was to let him plan the whole trip. But being someone who likes to know where I’m going and what I’m doing, I think I’m gonna piece everything that he has got and do further more research on it plus add on my own stuff.

Gave ourselves a timeline to book air tics before CNY.

Then this made me realised going to a new country is so tedious and how comfortable I am going back to Korea.

As much as I would love to be YOLO, ditch the planning and go wherever I feel like, do whatever I see but I kinda like to be control of all these stuff. Not to go with the flow but rather make an informed decision of what I wanna do.

I’m very excited to go πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ now because seeing how excited B is makes me very happy too. This is probably the only country that can make him look forward.

He showed me so many YouTube videos and places to go that we only slept at 2am. ☠️

Forced myself to go for a short workout and I’m typing as I’m cooling down now hahah.

Okay back to 🍊 box.

The collection at Liat Tower is so much better than NAC. We didn’t even see bright colours there.

So I was thrilled to see these selections.

The last colour is this dark forest green (can’t really see the colour due to the lighting).

Was told that they don’t allow pictures πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I get it. I’m just gonna get my bastia and buzz off. NAC allowed me to take pic though. πŸ€”

This is probably a better pic.

Bleu encre was the colour I originally wanted for the KDT.

Forest green piece is in evercolour leather. Bleu encre and abricot in chèvre leather. The pink is Rose Jaipur and in Epsom leather.

This is coming from my very limited Hermès knowledge haha. Crashed course just to buy bastia.

Took quite some time to consider between the forest green, the pink and the mustard. There was also Rose D’ete available too.

I asked Val if I should consider leather over colour or colour over leather because I really love chèvre since it’s so much flatter than Epsom.

Guess which colour I bagged home? πŸ€—

And I got it in...

Let me share my unboxing video. 😬😬😬

Rose Jaipur

Under natural lighting. Quite a coral red yet there’s a pinkish tone under different lighting.

Rose Jaipur turned out to be just like how I will like it to be.

And bonus point is that this is bicoloured! A peek of rose eglantine on the inside. 😍😍😍

Puffy Epsom leather but it’s okay!

Haha end up being the same tone as my MCM wallet.

Dayre compressed the video quality. Lol.

Wanna use it soon or should I wait for CNY. 🀣

Day 8

Tuesday, 8 Jan 2019

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mintyvintage (avatar)

mintyvintage Doesn't look very orange in day light leh!

1 month ago

whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco Look nicer in day light leh! Same thought as @mintyvintage πŸ€”

1 month ago

sxllim (avatar)

sxllim Hi! How much did u bought it? 😍

1 month ago

xxxbxx (avatar)

xxxbxx The forest green one 😍

1 month ago

musingsofmei (avatar)

musingsofmei @mintyvintage @whitechoco which is what I like leh! Haha 😍😍

@sxllim hi! That is $360 ☺️

@ash27 I bet it will look even nicer under day light!! 😍😍

1 month ago

sxllim (avatar)

sxllim Thanks!!!

1 month ago

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