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January 2017

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This sign just proves that I am REALLY bad at reading signs! HahahahaSo what happened was, I drove all the way to the hotel the other day and just when I was about to reach the hotel, my bladder was bursting already.After parking my car at the basement, I was figuring the way to the lift, I saw this sign and I was Super relieved!I terus went in, chose the 1st cubicle and did my deed.After I came out from the cubicle, I saw a row of urinals.I was baffled.

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Finally checked in! Got free upgrade to executive floor! But I actually requested for King Size bed! So what did they do?

So there is this new colleague of mine in HQ's Finance dept who is kinda annoying. Every morning, before I even wake up, she will send email to us all to chase us for the bank in slip and report. The 1st few days, I got irritated that I take pic of the bank's queue numbers to show her I am doing my job, no need to chase! Sometimes I will remind her that my official working hours is 11am to 10pm, so stop chasing at 8am! But I have decided to ignore her emails completely now.

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My taipak came back today and thank goodness I finally have off day - so managed to catch up with him.I love hanging out with my taipak coz he always has stories of the good old days to share with me. He has so much life experiences that I think he should write a book about it!Today he repeated the story of how he was almost killed during the May 13 incident and how the owner of Chew Tailor in Batu Road (now Jalan Dang Wangi) took him and his good friends in to hide out until after calm

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Aiyooo... tonite is supposed to be the last nite of the steamed orange and I am supposed to wake up tomorrow cough freee..... but I highly doubt it la....Why ah?Coz.... *shamed face* I went and backside itchy ate Shih Lin's fried chicken chop with salted eggs sauce! Salted egg sauce leh!!!! How to say no to this la??? How??? 😝So ya, prolly need another 2 more nites of steamed oranges!! Is it worth it??Errr... I don't think so, tbh! Hahahah! Thamchiak lor!!!

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