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January 2019

I feel

I feel like I am the most forgettable person on earth. Whenever ppl have gathering, they always forget I exist and I am not invited.I feel like I am the most taken for granted person on earth. Whenever ppl realised they have forgotten me, they will take it for granted that I am ok with it and they will make empty promises that they will remember the next round. But if they still forgot, it is ok.

A lesbian couple - who brings a stuffed panda every trip they go and affectionately refer to the butch as panda as wellVery fun funny coupleThe group of aunties that travels with them are Super fun as well and they get along very wellScene jumpSomewhere in sg, there is this supposingly really good mee kia ta (dried fine noodles) that is served in 2 colours of green and normal yellow. Comes with a few pork slices and one piece of liverIt was really good. Even the liver that I don’t take

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