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Been waiting for this day since I know that I am going to Myanmar for a good clause. Finally flying off today. First and foremost, I bought my own air ticket and paid abt $300 for accommodation for this trip with World Vision which is happening on 7 ~ 10 March. Today I am flying off first to visit some Burmese friends and travel to Mandalay and Mogok

In flight meal came with a choice of yellow rice with fish or chicken with noodle, i chose chicken one which is like curry chicken with bee Hoon. Ok la. Can eat if you are not fussy

Yes to ice cream as dessert. I welcome that

No make up cos I am lazy. lol

Finally reached Yangon Airport.

From my last trip, I remember that the currency exchange, the rate in Myanmar is not too bad. Do note that they gave full rate displayed on the screen if you have $100 note. $50 will result in lower exchange rate. So remember to bring $100 note if you want to do ur currency exchange in Myanmar

First stop after we touched down, Naw bought me to University of Yangon. This is the only uni in Yangon and is very famous has Obama gave a speech in its convocation centre.

And there is even a tree that is more than 200 year old here.

Yup, this is the convocation centre.

Next up, we headed to Chinatown for dinner.

Spotted a quaint cafe so we went in

The deco is very vintage and in the background, there is chinese old songs playing.

Very 古色古香 right

Yup, they serve espresso based coffee too. So I ordered a latter at $3000 kyat (~$3).

19 street in Chinatown is very interesting and vibrant. There are food, bar and coffee!!

We went to one of the stall in 18th street which is Naw’s fav. Can’t go wrong with a local. Hahah #dayretravel

Day 62

Sunday, 3 Mar 2019

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