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December 2018

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Bye 2018😎

Somehow, I accidentally deleted all the files, photos and videos on my phone. I panicked because I haven't even uploaded our honeymoon pictures! But thank God, thank God for Google Pictures Backup!!! I found all my photos, all the way to 2013, under Google Pictures. Can you imagine. But whatsapp media and screenshots all lost la... Want to recover also cannot leh Idk which magical button I pressed on 🤔.

Omg, just realised I've spent $240+ on Grab in 18 days. That's not even a month yet, I can't continue to calculate. Got to be more frugal next year, can i do it? 😔

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淘宝Ezbuy/Shopee loots!

I forgot how cheap #taobao can get!!! I know this is imitation but the real melissa flats aren't of that good quality also. So I've decided to get this pair of MEILEISHA flats LOL. Font is exactly the same as Melissa's. These china companies really ace at imitations hahaha. The comfort, smell and fit are exactly the same as the real deal. Paid $8.80 for this pair!

To stop me fr eating maggi and becoming fat(ter), my hubs is making me avocado (oat)milk shake!!! 😍

Last night I tried to wake u up but I couldn't. Sometimes maybe u faint in your sleep isit? #myhusband 🙄 I'm a deep sleeper cannot meh LOL. For real, when we were still dating, he was so shocked when I could fall asleep (and start snoring) like immediately after I said goodnight to him. LOLLL.

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Christmas is almost over and work is almost starting (TOMORROW). *SOBS😭*

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