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May 2018

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25 - quarter life crisis 😕🤦‍♀️Please tell me I am not getting old. HahaWishes:- to continue to look young- find a good company and job that I enjoy- to stay healthy and happy- all my loves one to stay healthy and live forever

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It have been one week after my eye brow embroidery. Skin started to peel 😔 though I know it is part of the healing process but still...Colour seems lighter now.. Can't wait to do the touch up in July.

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15 more days to my birthday.Dont know to be happy or sad. I don't want to grow old 🤦‍♀️Birthday wish - not be able to let people guess my actual age. Hahaha

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My long lost....

Finally did my eyebrow embroidery today.. Took MC for this but I am loving it. HahahaTook me very long to finally decide to do it. Firstly, the cost. Secondly, whether it will be nice.But no regrets, I love it 😊 wonder how will it look like after one week. It is supposed to fade and look more natural

You know that he loves you when he loves your family too 😊

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