allboutpanda (avatar)
updated 7 months ago

Study before going to school

Craving for nasi lemak.

Making perkedel today

Add green onion and parsley.


Still couldn’t find a nicer dessert cos nowadays many people just use food coloring instead of using pandan leaves.

😂😂 selfie’ face

She failed to get into final for spelling bee challenge for tomorrow so she was sad when i said she wont get to buy toys when we go to sg in December. 😂

Panda still upset cos i told ok la only can buy one pc of toy 🤣. She wanted 5!.

Day 333

Thursday, 29 Nov 2018

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dailylifeofvp (avatar)

dailylifeofvp Perkedel is my fave food, never get bored eating them hahaha 😅💕

7 months ago

mschen (avatar)

mschen @dailylifeofvp yes very yummy rite! I like to eat it with abc sambal haha.

7 months ago

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