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Accompanied hub to find batik top ytd evening when kids were still sleeping.

Saw these cute cute xmas soft toys already up on the shelves.

These days this what panda did during her free time in office 😂.

Yeye gave her so many colorful marker pen.


Kids had FaceTime call with their nai nai and happy after they were shown their toys. Well for panda; she only got marker pens, not toys. Haha

This boy got new airplane toy zzz. He kept asking nai nai to show him the toy on videocall.


I slept only 3 hrs plus at nite and then went to market at 6.30 am 😫😫😫😫

But not too bad while driving i enjoy the peace quiet road .. with sunrise view .. this, i don’t see it often. Cos usually i always out of house by 8am.

Then went to guan yin temple to pray.

Had very short time bargaining the bird price this time 🤣🤣.

35$ for 100 birds. Ok deal in less than a minute and let the birds free ..

😌 i actually promised to bring kids cos they like this part. But timing just not right la. They have international day event at 10am at nearby mal.

Breakfast. Nasi lemak just so so. The only good thing was the portion. Small portion.

Mustard cabbage rice nicer ...

Back home quickly cook beef kailan for lunch.

Bought sambal salted fish from the market cos i don’t have time to cook 2-3 dishes since i need to bring kids out by 9.40am.

This ashton was in good mood when i asked him to stand for pic!.

He woke up at 7am this morning so initially i worried he would be sleepy by the time its time for their class performance. Luckily his class performance was the first on the schedule .. at 10am.

Panda was not in the mood for pic.

She refused to take pic with one of her classmate who has the same matchy costume with her. Zzz

Yay this ashton no more a clingy boy!. So relieved. I remember panda was still so clingy at around the same age!, especially when theres event like this, she would ask me to accompany her.

Time to perform on stage.

Done with performance, he still could sit nicely and watched other performances.


Panda and her good friends ...

With her teachers

Next, her class performance ..

Her costume so so simple 🤣. And super light make up only.

I applied light pink blusher, and lipstick for her.



Done with class performance, the kids got their clothes changed and then went to play car rides for few rounds before we went back home.

But before we went back home we bought shihlin chicken first.


Afternoon snack!

Panda now loves avocado so much too.

She loves eating it with sugar and condensed milk. I let her try my milo avocado but she finished it all too.. zz

Day 300

Saturday, 27 Oct 2018

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