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Still in the phase of testing making good kefir mask.

Left it for more than 48 hrs. And only got time to separate the kefir grains in the morning. Total of 60hrs for this batch.

More like yogurt than mask in term of appearance!

Too salty today!

Fried prawn

I just cook whatever i have in the fridge.

Still not in the mood to cook actually since my headache is not completely gone. Though its slightly better after i tried to massage my shoulder/neck with panaway oil.

Sambal belacan for fried prawn.

Panda’ fave.

Fried oyster mushroom.

Sent panda for piano lesson and then we went to nearby store to buy tape.

This boy asked me to buy him tennis balls -.-“. He was angry when i said no 🤣.


Bought him this pj. Haha he was happy when he saw this 🤣. Cos got car 🚗 🚙 on the pj 😂.

Kfc sundae for him while we waited panda to be done with her lesson.


Ofcos must buy for panda too otherwise she would be really angry 🤣.

Planning to sell kefir mask in jar like this 😍.

Friend gave me her kefir cos she said she has few jars already. 😂

At home only me and helper use kefir mask. So we too, couldn’t finish our own stock at the moment.

Instant teokkboki



I was packing cust order and then heard this panda was ‘teaching’ ashton about the name of cartoon character.

Like .. sophia .. elsa ... rainbow dash .. pinkie pie ( little pony) 🤣

She would test ashton first and then when his answer was wrong she corrected him. 😂

Day 269

Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018

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