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smile & the world will smile with you 😁//sonny angel 11th anniversary


One of my weakness is girls with beautiful smiles!

I get very mesmerized & think the world is a better place after looking at their smiles hahaha 😂

Ah pek say I damn kua jeong haha

But I'm serious.

It's amazing what a smile can do!

Mr. Tan's gf has one of those smiles! 😭 soo nice! She even has this 2 mini dimples at the sides near her mouth (not the cheek ah) so lucky ah mr.Tan!

Another would be ms.chan but Kns, to ask her to gimme a like asking for a death wish 😅

Maciam ni la...

Went for the 11th anniversary of Sonny Angel!!! 😍

In Japanese emotions, the feeling will be キャャャャャャャャー(kyaaaaaaaaaaaaー)


Isn't this cute?!
It's a special secret angel (limited Ed) one!!!

Sonny Angels comes in "lucky draw" (aka blind box) packaging. You don't know what you will get till U open a box!

For every release of a theme (like today's is 11th anniversary) there will be a secret one.

One in every 144 boxes (I think)

Damn lucky lo the girl who got this! 😱

Two of the 11th anniversary series.

It will be on sale starting tmr & it's rm38 per box. But for today since its a launching(kinda?), it's rm30!

(Btw, fr every angel purchased, rm1 is set aside fr charity! 😇)

Oh! U know how it is. Everyone gets hyped up & buys too hahaha 😂

One person buys & it snowballs.

The woman sitting at the same table as me end up buying 2.

These are the ones she got!
Her (I assume) 2 year old kid chose one. Not bad right 😁 Both were cute!

As if having the secret angel (the limited edition ones) are not enough.

They came out with a Robby angel.

These comes random 😒

When you open the box, if you see an extra small lil packet. You know U have hit the jackpot Cus that would mean you have a Robby!

It comes once in...I don't know how many boxes also.

These Japanese really know how to take alllll your money 😅

Collect nvm.
Then got secret series.
Then add Robby Angels.

Who knows what's next 😳

The complete set!

Hahaha why the ah pak at the back smiling!! So cute! Layan my camera ah!!

A whole carton comes with 12 boxes inside. Each diff and a sliiiiiight chance to get a Robby / a secret one.

If you get both in one carton.
U really can go buy 4D liao (acc to them 😅)

Some of the guests today are Sonny Angels fans / collectors.

They don't buy by box ok.

They buy by cartons! 😱😱😱
Rm360 per carton (today's promo)

Their homes must be filled with angels! 👼

Also, was surprised to find out that each Sonny angel's facial feature & headgear is hand painted?! 😱

So shocking cause I always thought they were mass produced. Like ctrl-c, ctrl-v? Hahaha 😅

So actually although they all look very much alike at one glance, but under the eyes of "experts" (collectors), they are able to tell 2 Sonny Angels with the same headgear (same kind) apart! 😱

Which also means, each & every one of them is actually unique! #funfact #shocking #nowyouknow

Birthday must have birthday cake la! 😬🎂

The bigger mini ones are the bobbing head series which I recalled ah pek saying that he will bob his head for me 😑 no need me to buy.

The bigger ones are some limited edition thing. I think last year's anniversary 😮 #ithinkla

Oh ya.

Haha every series (xmas, Halloween etc) were placed in see through acrylic boxes & placed on the sushi kaiten belt as display 😂

Cute & funny at the same time.
(Refer to the photo before!)

@annna making friends with the Angels 😂

Well, originally sonny angels were created in 2004 by Dreams. Inc Japan, with the intention for it to be companions for OLs (office ladies)

To be placed home, in all it's cuteness, welcoming the OLs when they reach home after a day's work!

It was originally at 8", gradually evolved to now the 2" size where it can be carried anywhere with the owner 😁 #adventurestogether

As the tag line goes, "sonny angel, he may bring you happiness!"

Of course, I went home with one too 😅😂 #cannotresist

So lucky ah this series! They have their own chair, the rest of my Sonny angels (actually all the rest of the other series available) stands!

Happy that I got this cow one with the initial G! My last name starts with a G also 😁

The goodie bag!!

Thank u @carolinemayling for today!! 😘 next meet up confirm got ah pek ok!! I know U all miss "bullying" him haha

Day 135

Friday, 15 May 2015

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charlenelynn (avatar)

charlenelynn Hahaha laugh at the last part. I have a lot those friends too!

3 years ago

confeito (avatar)

confeito i think dimples can be made. Younger me have only 2 dimples, near my eyebag summore (not a common place). 3 years ago suddenly got 1 more near mouth area. Tryin to remember how to develop 1 so I can make 1 near my mouth 😂😂😂😂

3 years ago

carolinemayling (avatar)

carolinemayling I want strawberry angel!! 😭😭😭

3 years ago

charlenelynn (avatar)

charlenelynn Really a bunch and wow the price 😱

3 years ago

noneofyourbeezwax (avatar)

noneofyourbeezwax Awww so cute the sonny angels! :) yes I also envy those with two dimples so pretty!

3 years ago

msbulat (avatar)

msbulat @charlenelynn woe is us hahaha ask Fr a smile also difficult! Hahahah but for collectors I guess it's not too exp? Esp if compared to let's say marvel stuffs or something

@confeito what?! Hahahaha by poking it regularly ah!!

3 years ago

msbulat (avatar)

msbulat @carolinemayling when I find out where jimmy stays I let U know 😂 he Yest say lucky U don't know where hahaha

@noneofyourbeezwax isn't it! ☺️ & I think it's quite rare too. Hardly see ppl having 'em

3 years ago

ilovehoneystars (avatar)

ilovehoneystars Small world, tell @annna I said hello! 😄

3 years ago

naeust (avatar)

naeust So cuteeee gah 😍

2 years ago

Purpur (avatar)

Purpur Where to get those sonny angels? I always thought it's more expensive than it costs! This limited edition is so cute i cannot!

2 years ago

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