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KLigraphy // KLigraphyWorkshop @ Alphabet Press Studio SS2

Another random Saturday 😁

Calligraphy workshop at the alphabet press!

Workshop is by inksandletters & inezcalligraphy. You can stalk them both at Instagram.

Not exactly a flattering photo of them both πŸ˜… oops*

They are both very friendly & fun kind of people haha can feel la. But today the group, a bit more serious so... πŸ˜…

Works done by alphabet press!

It's really nice.

They specialize in letterpress (Lemme google that to see if I'm correct ahahah)

Okay, the technique is letterpress.

Anyway, very very nice.

If I ever need to & have the budget to do so, I will definitely go to them for their works! 😁

You can check thealphabetpress to see!

Don't say I no share hor!

Anyway the place is a double storey terrace where the ground floor is being used for the workshop!

It felt so nostalgic once i entered cause the house is of "default old pattern" (houses interior designs change as time pass right?)

So it reminds me of my old house.

My current house now is open concept.
Old ones are usually Erm..divided? So yea, this was like that. I prefer it that way 😊

See the floor!! Love these!!
Can't find anymore though 😒

Started off with pencil practice!

Okayla. Pencil is a common medium for everyone, so it's like a warm up?

And since it's just the beginning..I think everyone was pumped up also? Hahaha😁

Then...we moved on to the REAL thing.
Look at the mess yo! Haha πŸ˜‚

Mine was the messiest of the lot. Later you see why.

Anyway, after 5 hours of calligraphy.

All I can say is....

If you do not have like a super deep interest to learn nor patience to write.

Then I suggest you should spend your day doing something else πŸ˜…

If you are interested to just learn the basics or what nots. That's okay. I mean, it's like U just wanna see / test something new right?


If you are thinking of really doing it well.

Then..Pls be prepared.
Maybe it's the same for anything la haha if u wanna be good, U gotta be prepared for what's gonna come.

Honestly, I underestimated it.
I din't expect it to be quite heavy.

There were specific "rules" you need to know for the basics. But once u get it, then U are free to do your own "experimental" calligraphy.

That being said, thought it was quite therapeutic 😁 & when the words come out well, you feel a big sense of woah!

Tea time! β˜•οΈ

They really want us to just relax. Not like a serious workshop kind?

But we all ah. Damn kiasu.

Hahaha must finish worksheets only eat!

Then all sibeh serious, concentrating on doing πŸ˜…

And I realized the younger ones, with or hands all black from ink...just took the desserts & eat.

The older (looks older la) ones will go wash hands frst befre taking the desserts πŸ˜‚

Here, my beautiful mess πŸ˜‚

On the floor Summore.
Beneath my chair!

The inks needed to dry!
& there was no space on the table so I taruh like this lo.

Already smudged few papers 😣
Although that is supposedla I guess, since it's ink. But I cannot!

Blots & stuffs on my papers! Roar hahaha

Then everyone's papers all stack together neatly as they write.

Mine all over the place πŸ˜‚

Sigh* everyone tengok know I'm a messy girl #fail

We used an oblique pen holder today to write!

I still find it difficult to get the angle but once u do, like my neighbor, wth, she makes calligraphy looks like child's play 😳

Anyway, if u wanna buy one just to try, Msia don't have yea. Dipersilakan buy at the nearest place possible, which is sg.

This is Jil's specially made oblique pen holder. Should have taken photo of the whole thing!

Damn unique!

Selling point was this la of coz haha πŸ˜πŸ“

Anyway, price shocked all of us! 😳

This is the nib cleaner!

You can get at normal art shops for rm6 per tiny bottle but they told us "their secret" hahaha some much cheaper alternative they are using la.

I won't tell since they kindly shared.

Join the workshop, then U will know lo 😜

Anyway, my goodness.

Quite hard to clean. I kept wiping & wiping, forever I keep seeing black marks.

Killed many tissues today πŸ˜”

Final activity was to write a quote & then we snapped a photo together!

Hahaha so many took pink / peach colour paper (me inc) 😝

If u wanna see mine, it's on my Instagram~

Can't wait to write more when I can!
Maybe I can now try with my paintbrushes! 😊

Day 94

Saturday, 4 Apr 2015

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mutiaraa (avatar)

mutiaraa love ur pics! do u always use vscom for all pics?

3 years ago

itsplastermama (avatar)

itsplastermama Sounds like a very fun workshop!

3 years ago

allykay88 (avatar)

allykay88 You got the hang of it Im sure seeing how well your pieces look!! Very nice and artsy la all your photos 😍

3 years ago

msbulat (avatar)

msbulat @walkathousandmiles yes haha always

@itsplastermama it's not bad! Calligraphy lovers will enjoy definitely.

@allykay88 hahaha so small can't see my mistakes! The place is totally Instagram worthy!

3 years ago

shanobyl (avatar)

shanobyl Looks so fun and tea time cakes looks yummy!

3 years ago

cauliflowerhead (avatar)

cauliflowerhead Looks so funnnnn!!!😍

3 years ago

myepicuriousgirl (avatar)

myepicuriousgirl Hey my friend is joining this workshop too! Maybe you guys met...

3 years ago

msbulat (avatar)

msbulat @shanobyl hehe U shld join if sg got! Tea was not bad, but a bit too sweet for me

@cauliflowerhead yes! Now can write n draw ! Combo πŸ˜‚

@myepicuriousgirl oh! Hmm U can ask her ! My name is Estee haha

3 years ago

cherie22 (avatar)

cherie22 Looks really nice! Wana go and try try for fun

3 years ago

myepicuriousgirl (avatar)

myepicuriousgirl Haha i did check with her... Apparently she went to the one last week.. Paiseh paiseh. ☺️☺️

3 years ago

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