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AABC hangout 2015 #unlockthefunaabc

Satisfying ah pek's cravings!

I always have love hate relationship with dim sum. steamer got like 3 biji.
What if got 4 ppl? How do we do this math thing?

If got 2 in the steamer but 3 ppl (like today)

How also??

Hahaha πŸ˜…

Now normal dim sum shop, rm4.50 one steamer. This price used to be hotel price 15 years back haha πŸ˜‚

Btw are U team SIU MAI or HA GAO? 😁 or none?

Hari ini schedule is #aabc (air asia blogging community) hang out 2015!! πŸ˜†

The event was to play escape room!!
Hahaha ah pek's ultimate fav!
Summore is Times Square! Nvr played any room before! #yay #FOC

Abit worried cause first time going for an AABC event? And I heard got 80 ppl?! #whatheaeroplane #idontdowellincrowds

Not sure what to expect too 😢

Very lucky to be in the same group with @carolinemayling @ericleeh & ah pek!! #team15FTW

Meet daphne! 😁
Who never seem to age. #whathewhy
Her face still looks the same after so many years!!

I met daphne wayyyy back (not sure how far back) but at least 6 years.

She was a friend of a friend & I nvr kept in touch with her since I lost contact with my friend.

So to meet her again..through Caroline they all, whom I will never have known if I din't restart my blog, is like 😳

Ni Dunia sememangnya tempat yang kecik sangat.

& inilah fate 😱

Also, #powerofsocialmedia


At frst I thought how the heck 80 ppl gonna play at one go.

Now I know.

Half masuk frst.

The other half were ushered upstairs to play some mini games.

😱 one of my biggest fear.
Teamwork games haha

I don't mind playing. But I have this (somewhat ridiculous) fear that I can never be good enough, thus will lead the team to doooom! #kuazhang

In other words, I feel bad if my team loses cause of my incompetency la πŸ˜…

So I rather not join.
But today haha Maciam knot run liao 😱

3 games in total.

1st was this locked mini car!
One must be blindfolded while others lead you to find the key at the front area, hidden in between lots of paper clips.

Suddenly I feel like I'm in school again haha

Next was passing the message game but drawing style πŸ˜…

Worse! Haha I Lagi scared! Cus with my drawing I'm suppose to be better and help the team but what if it doesn't! #thisisthefear

Summore draw animals! #icantdrawanimals gah

Anyway, sigh* lost by one second #pekchek

Last was tug of war.
....I will nvr ever join tug of war anymore 😢

Dahlah, Hands n feet both painful. Had to re-play Cus of some human error hahah 😭

All of us fell down leh hahah 😭
I Summore landed on ah pek. Kelian.

Surprisingly I thought the most fun was this game 😝

There were points given for rankings but we din't care much for it la Cus..I don't know? Haha why got points? 😳

Our room is "Alice in wonderland!"

Other rooms looked damn scary haha
If kena some horror room, we will have 2 screaming girls & 2 Gonna be deaf guys inside πŸ˜… #verytheteamwork

Omg! 😱😱😱😱

We were just hopping to come out successfully?!

But mana tau we took just half the time allocated?! #45minutesdivideby2

How did it happen?!

Stay tune hahahah!
Will be on my normal blog cause I think it's worth a "drawn" blogpost πŸ˜‚

While they were counting results ( that's why got points laaaa)

Got food! 😱

Din't expect to have food. Haha
Now, twice Summore.

Cause they gave sandwich during registration?

Then now buffet lunch?


Hmm. Maybe I got it wrong.
My job today is to eat?

Hahaha I told daphne why so much food!

She say "wah! Use so much brains! Not hungry meh?!"


As they were about to announce prize giving, suddenly daphne whispered "got surprise! You'll see!"

The surprise is...
There was a TIE in points and now the top teams have to FIGHT for the grand prize πŸ˜‚

I was like "Hahahah!! Kelian!!!"

Till I heard...

Team 15!

Are u kidding me?!
We are in the finals?!
And we have to fight for the prize?!
#dimgai #θ€ε€©ηˆ·


Meet the team ready to battle for the grand prize.

Yours truly had to self disqualify cause our team had 4 members while the other 2 teams had only 3.

Hahaha I usually suck with puzzles la. So I just auto back out πŸ˜…

While top 3 teams "fighting" for the prize. Everyone else can try guessing the answer for fun.

Wanted to take a photo of the qn so I can slowly think (everyone was crowding around the finalists πŸ˜…) the kns MC striked a pose.

So nah.
Give him ba.
3 seconds of fame haha

The final countdown / tie breaker question!

😬 feel free to guess!!

Yours truly...was guessing.
& ....managed to guess the answer correctly....

Whaaaaaaaa 😱😱😱


I don't see U work as well when needed?!! 😠

Cus i self disqualify, even if I have the right answer, it's not counted!! #aiya #whatluck #dammit #howcomelikethis

Anyway, we din't win. Haha
Another team guessed it 😌

Actually I felt maximum #pekchek was when ah pek told me he had the answer but wasn't confident thus he din't try πŸ˜’

Guess all of our "fate button" was "off"
Bo luck.

Good bye Cebu holidayπŸ‘‹
But happy for the winners also la of coz haha
I found out one of the winners is actually a mom With teenage children.

😬 guess the tix will be a good getaway for her n her hubby from the kids? Hahaha #justsaying

Next time la!
Am sure will have chance again ✨πŸ’ͺ

Day 87

Saturday, 28 Mar 2015

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allykay88 (avatar)

allykay88 Yesss! Waiting for blog update with cute ms.bulat drawing! Hehe

3 years ago

msbulat (avatar)

msbulat @allykay88 hehe hopefully can manage my time properly to draw! Miss ur doodles too!

3 years ago

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