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February 2019

First time let hubby take 4am onwards shift.... but he double standard leh.. argh... really finding something for me to argue with him.

How long do you take to wash one toilet? #dayrehomes

January 2019

Any home based mani and pedi to recommend in the north?

Omg 6h without pumping! Didn’t set alarm cuz baby was with me and usually she will wake up for feed. 哪里知道她睡5 hours!!! Ok la.. the previous night was bad because she was awake at 11.30pm then at 3.30am then cannot sleep and keep making noise and have to soothe her........ until 8.30am then she slept for 25min before waking up. 🤦🏻‍♀️

And I bought another jujube!!! Omg!

Got a bag for work. #jujube Can’t believe I got sucked in too. Lol. Still feel like buying one one more bag! How!!!Got another portable breast pump so that I can put my s1+ at office.

My shoulders ache like mad!!! How to pump with a good posture?#dayremummies

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